Eagles’ DeSean Jackson Rips Cowboys Fan Skip Bayless: ‘I’ll Shut Yo Ass Up’

Skip Bayless

Getty NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 10: TV sports commentators Skip Bayless (L) and Shannon Sharpe attends the 2016 IAVA Heroes Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on November 10, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Skip Bayless loves to stir the pot on his FS1 show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.” The program, hosted by Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, is the television equivalent of click-bait, with two blowhards shouting controversial hot takes at each other. It’s debate-driven banter, perfect for a slow news day in June.

Bayless — a known Dallas Cowboys fan and Dak Prescott apologist — was debating the NFC East with guest Gerald McCoy when the topic sharply turned to the Philadelphia Eagles. The team has become a trendy pick to not only win the division but to compete for a Super Bowl. Bayless has been beating the drum for the Cowboys for a long time and he was quick to spew venom at one player, in particular.

This is what Bayless said. “So another guy that I’ve known for a long time who still has growing up problems is DeSean Jackson and now he’s back to Philadelphia. How much will he help them?”

McCoy, who signed with the Carolina Panthers in the offseason, was Jackson’s teammate in Tampa Bay last season and offered he was a refreshing voice in the locker room. The defensive tackle immediately came to the receiver’s defense.

“Well, D-Jac is a guy that can still take the top off a defense,” McCoy said. “And he’s arguably still top-five fastest guys in the NFL. Carson just got a major weapon. D-Jac is going to hurt a lot of people’s feelings.”

Well, Jackson must have been watching the exchange in real time because he took to Instagram to express his severe displeasure with Bayless’ comments. The language might be a little graphic but probably warranted for an egotistical sports talker who seemed to have an agenda.

Jackson posted two messages on his social media channels: @skipbayless I know your job is to talk shit but stop speaking slick on my name!! I don’t take that shit lightly!! The Eagles playmaker followed it up with “@skipbayless I’ll shut yo ass up like @jalenvseverybody did!!”

DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson

Jackson was referring to a 2012 incident between Bayless and ESPN’s Jalen Rose when the former NBA star called Bayless out for lying about his high school basketball exploits. It was a shot heard around the media world and one Bayless later said helped his career.

“What were you, did you average 1.4 points as a senior in high school?” Rose said. “All of that Pistol Pete stuff? Water Pistol Pete Junior.”

Back to Jackson and the Eagles. Bayless and McCoy went on to discuss which team would win the NFC East. When McCoy chose the Eagles, he was rebuked by Bayless who asked: “Just because of D-Jac?” To which McCoy responded: “”Yeah, I think he helps put them over the top on the offensive side of the ball.”

The debate carried on into a quarterback discussion about whether Carson Wentz was better than Dak Prescott. Again, McCoy sided with the Eagles and explained how Wentz was the NFL MVP two years ago before tearing his ACL.

Bayless, as expected, argued that Prescott’s Cowboys beat Wentz’s Eagles last year in both of their meetings. It’s a narrative Bayless has been painting since 2016. More recently, he threw shade at Wentz for not being as good as Nick Foles. Long story short, the Wentz vs. Prescott debate isn’t going anywhere.

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