Lane Johnson Talks Keeping ‘Mouth Shut’ After DeMarcus Lawrence Feud

Lane Johnson

Getty Eagles tackle Lane Johnson

Talk is cheap, especially in the offseason. Lane Johnson, never at a loss for words, clarified comments he made via social media pertaining to the Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence. The Eagles right tackle even admitted that maybe he should look in the mirror before he starts sounding off.

“Sometimes, I guess, you should keep your mouth shut,” Johnson told reporters. “I think it’s just part of my personality. Sometimes, I just have to rah-rah, to get this team going. And sometimes it comes back and hits you in the chin. But, hey, I’m still standing. Still here. Still moving forward and that’s really it.”

Johnson was referring to the bitter Twitter exchange that started last week after Lawrence threw shade at Carson Wentz. The Pro Bowler rushed to his quarterback’s defense by posting a Kawhi Leonard meme and writing “can’t wait.”

The beef was ratcheted up another notch when a Cowboys fan posted a highlight of Johnson missing a block on Lawrence’s timeline. The Dallas defensive end immediately took the bait.

After Tuesday’s practice, Johnson explained the rivalry was all in good fun and poured praise on the self-described “sack master.” Ironically, Lawrence has never sacked Wentz. In fact, he has zero sacks all-time against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I talked to DeMarcus at the Pro Bowl so we’re pretty much on the same level,” Johnson said. “He’s there with his team and I’m here with my team. I respect him. I think he’s a great player. Every time I go against him, it’s a battle. There’s a mutual respect there.”

Johnson admitted that he did miss the block and brushed it off as bravado.

“We’re an entertainment league, so it’s all about the fans,” Johnson said.

With the trash talking finally put to bed, he made another bold confession: Johnson has given up eating sugar. The hulking offensive lineman has decided to make a more concerted effort to take care of his body as he gets older. It seems he’s taken another page out of Wentz’s playbook who admitted to committing himself to a better diet and nutrition.

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“You can only eat crappy food and cheat that for so long. Don’t mess with sugar,” Johnson said. “It’s all about eating clean and eating a little bit healthier, and that’s one thing he’s done [Wentz] and I’m trying to do as I get older. I feel good now. Ready to rock and roll.”

Last year, Johnson weighed 310 pounds in the middle of the season after dealing with some wear and tear in his left leg. He’s sitting at 325 pounds right now.

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