Dez Bryant Reveals Why He Turned Down Massive Contract

Getty Free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant has come out and shown major support for Andrew Luck, saying that he supports the quarterback’s sudden decision to retire and step away from the game he loves.

“Andrew Luck I understand you 100% brotha,” Bryant wrote, “take your time … I wish you the best.”

However, in his Twitter tirade responding to fans and critics over the weekend, Bryant revealed that in his own journey back to an NFL roster he turned down a massive, multi-year contract because he didn’t feel like he he was fit with his mind or body.

“I turned down 30+ million from the ravens… all because how I felt and I wasn’t going to disrespect their organization and myself,” Bryant said. “I know what I can do if my mind and body is on the right track.”

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After being cut loose by the Cowboys last season, Bryant was signed by New Orleans. However, the much-hyped signing was cut short by an Achilles injury on just his second day of practice with the team.

However, before he signed on with the Saints, the Ravens had shown the most interest in Bryant, offering a multi-year deal that was “pretty lucrative,” according to Ian Rapoport.

That is what Dez Bryant is referring to, although it was reported at the time that Bryant wanted to sign the one-year contract to prove himself and hit the open market for a higher value the year after. Bryant is saying that was not the case, which is something he noted at the time as well.

“For the record me not being signed to a team yet has a lot to do with my personal decisions,” Bryant wrote in May of 2018 after sitting on the free agent market. “This media is a joke.”

Dez Bryant Says He Has No Interest in Playing Football

Bryant has posted some videos as he progresses in his rehab from the Achilles injury, even saying he “was close,” to a comeback as recently as June.

However, the former Pro Bowler sent out some tweets recently that said he’s “not interested” in playing football right now, citing his mental health.

“This exactly why I don’t have no interest in playing football right now,” Bryant said. “I have not reached out to no organization trying to play … people forget real quick we are still human.. my anxiety and depression came from this type of stuff… what I realized nobody care but me.”

Dez Bryant’s Comeback & Stats

Bryant had a stretch from 2012-14 with the Cowboys where he posted three consecutive 1,000-yard plus and double-digit touchdown seasons. However, he hasn’t been close to those numbers since.

Bryant published a video last month in which he looked healthy, making some quick cuts and instantly making fans wonder if it was time to throw up the X again.

The video prompted a tweet from Roddy White — a former all-pro wide receiver with the Falcons. White told Bryant, “Looking ready to be signed today.”

Bryant quickly responded saying, “Not yet … I’m close.”

With 53-man roster cuts coming up and some veterans going down with injuries, Bryant could likely find an opportunity similar to what the Saints gave him. However, Bryant’s message has been fairly consistent that he might not be ready for an NFL return.

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