Terri Murray: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Terri Murray is the 26-year-old English woman who claims that Conor McGregor fathered her daughter, Clodagh. The UFC star’s reps said on November 8 that a DNA test has proved that he is not the father to Murray’s baby. The results come shortly after McGregor, 31, announced his January 2020 return to mixed martial arts and a week after he was fined over $1,000 for assaulting a man in a pub in Dublin.

Heavy.com has reached out to Murray’s attorney for comment on the results of the DNA test. A post on Murray’s Instagram page shortly after the results of the DNA test were made public read, “Ok so I’ve had a lot of messages today! All queries please direct to my lawyer Lorna McCammon at SFR Law.”

A spokesperson for McGregor told TMZ, “To conclusively end any and all erroneous media reports, Conor McGregor took a DNA test recently which confirmed to all parties that he is not the father of the child in Liverpool.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. McGregor Does Not Exhibit the Biological Markers Necessary to Prove He Is the Father to Terry Murray’s Baby, the Fighter’s Lawyers Say

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Facebook/Sunday World

The Irish Independent reports that there is a “zero percent probability” that McGregor is the father of Murray’s baby. Murray had long claimed that she wanted McGregor to submit to a paternity test. The Independent reports that swabs were taken from McGregor and Clodagh by NorthGene Ltd, a DNA testing service based in Newcastle, England. The results of that test were then sent to a lab known as Eurofins, which is trusted in paternity cases in England.

Terri Murray Facebook

Facebook/Terri MurrayMurray pictured on her Facebook page in July 2017.

The Independent says in their report that it was “practically proven” that McGregor is not Clodagh’s father as he did not show the biological markers necessary to prove parentage.

In February 2019, Murray went public and asked McGregor to take part in a DNA test. Clodagh Murray was born in January 2019. Clodagh’s birthday is a few weeks before McGregor and girlfriend Dee Devlin’s son Conor McGregor Jr. was born. McGregor now has two children with Devlin. Murray has filed paperwork in which she has sought child maintenance, reported the Daily Mirror. Murray later told the newspaper that she had not completed filling out the paperwork relating to the request. Murray told the Mirror in February 2019, “I don’t want his money. I just want to prove he is Clodagh’s dad and I’m not lying.”

2. Murray Says She Never Wanted to Go Public With Her Allegations That McGregor Was Her Baby’s Father

According to Murray’s Facebook page, she is from Liverpool and now lives in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. On her Facebook page, Murray is a fan of McGregor’s official page, as well as a fan of several other UFC fighters. Murray writes in her bio section on the page that in March 2013, “My world ended” following the passing of a man named Karl.

Murray says on her Instagram bio, “Don’t follow me I don’t know where I’m going.”

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Murray went on to say that she never wanted to go public with her allegations and wanted to settle the dispute in private. Murray told the Mirror that she was driven to go public due to the struggles she faces with being a single mother. Murray added that if McGregor agreed to the DNA test, “You never have to speak to me again, you can walk away.”

3. In June 2019, Terri Murray Set Up an Only Fans Page

Terri Murray Only Fans

Only Fans/Terri Murray

In June 2019, Murray started an Only Fans page. Only Fans is a social media website that sees users pay other users for racy photos and videos. The cost of following Murray is $25. Since June, Murray has made 30 posts and has 365 fans on the site. Murray announced her new endeavor with an Instagram post that read, “My OnlyFans is now live . . There’s a first time for everything (peach emoji).”

Murray said in an apparently deleted Instagram post in April 2019, via the Daily Mail, “I promise there’s more to come if this rat does not take the paternity test. For those calling me all sorts of names I promise you will eat your words. This is just the tip of the iceberg!”

Terri Murray photos

Facebook/Terri Murray

In June 2019, the Sun wrote that Murray “regularly uses her online presence to taunt McGregor.” The tabloid reported that on Father’s Day 2019, Murray posted a message to her Instagram story that read, “Mummy got u for life baby gee. To all da fathers who ran away from their kids. Happy Athletics Day!” The Sun noted that on the previous day, Murray posted a video of her daughter struggling to stand on a trampoline with the caption, “She’s like her day can’t stay on her feet.”

4. Terri Murray Says She Knew Dee Devlin Was Pregnant With McGregor’s Baby During One of the Their Alleged Liaisons

Terri Murray Dee Devlin

GettyMcGregor’s long-term girlfriend Dee Devlin.

Murray alleges that she and McGregor had consensual sex on two occasions following the 2017 Grand National horse race in Aintree, England, close to Liverpool. The pair met at the Mansion Nightclub in the city, according to Murray. Murray said that she and a friend went to McGregor’s hotel, the Hilton, where she says the pair had sex. Murray told the Daily Mirror that she went back to the hotel two days later to have sex with McGregor again, at this point, she says she knew that Dee Devlin was pregnant with McGregor’s child. Murray said, “I feel sorry for the poor girl, I feel embarrassed and ashamed but things happen and it’s not my fault.”

Conor McGregor Dee Devlin


Murray told the Daily Mirror, “I’ve said to Conor, ‘Hiya’ and he has gone, ‘I’ve been waiting for you’, and I’ve gone, ‘Conor, I never got an acceptable ­picture with you before, can I get a picture with you?’… In the room was an ensuite bathroom and he’s gone ‘Baby, I’ll give you a home movie never mind a picture’.”

McGregor girlfriend


Murray alleged to the Daily Mirror that McGregor told her that he had been “on and off” with his girlfriend Dee Devlin “for years.” Murray went on to claim that McGregor didn’t care that they had no contraception and that he even said, “Imagine if you were pregnant with me, you would be set for life. You would have the golden ticket.”

Murray said the pair had sex again two days later. Murray told the Sun, “We slept together. To be honest, there was no sleep, we were not sleeping, do you know what I mean?” Murray said that on the same night, she was propositioned by one of McGregor’s entourage. Murray told the Daily Mirror that she kissed the friend “for a second but did not go near him.” The Daily Mirror reported that McGregor had alleged to Murray in a social media message that she had sex with a member of his entourage.

At the time of writing, McGregor is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault in Ireland.

5. In April 2019, Khabib Nurmagomedov Used Terri Murray to Taunt McGregor

A viral photo of McGregor and Murray together has been circulating on social media since the Liverpool-native first came forward with her allegations. In April 2019, McGregor’s UFC rival Khabib Nurmagomedov posted a photo of McGregor and Murray together with the caption, “Rapist, you are Rapist. You are a hypocrite who is not responsible for your actions. Justice will find you. We will see.”

The Sun reported that the photo showed Murray with Lee Byrne, the teenage son of reputed Irish gangster Liam Byrne.

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