At 42, Tom Brady Says He Still Feels “Like a Kid”

Tom Brady

Tom Brady could be closing in on his final season with the New England Patriots. This Sunday’s finale against the Miami Dolphins could be the last regular-season game he plays for New England.

With Brady set to enter free agency in the offseason for the first time in his career and no new contract in sight, many have felt the veteran quarterback could retire this offseason. His myriad of minor injuries this season have also led to the quarterback contemplating the future more carefully.

But in his Friday press conference ahead of Week 17’s matchup with Miami, Brady emphasized that he still has the same youthful energy he’s played with throughout his career.

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Like Tossing the Pigskin in the Parking Lot

Tom Brady was asked an interesting question to conclude his press conference. With the Patriots’ quarterback set to guest star in the NFL Network’s All-Time Team Quarterbacks Special on Friday, Brady has noted how humbled he is to receive that accolade.

But when inquired about whether he still feels like a little kid at times while looking back on his career, to which Brady responded “absolutely.” Here’s the full exchange.

“I feel like that every day, I’m throwing the ball around to these receivers and when I was a kid I’d be throwing the ball around in the parking lot at Candlestick Park. Now I’m throwing to the best athletes in the world and getting paid for it. You think ‘hey can you guard this guy and run this route and I’ll try to complete it’ and that’s what we did when we were kids. And in a lot of ways, I’m still doing it as a kid and I feel like a kid and I think it’s important still to look at it like that.”

It sure is good to see Brady in a good mood this late in the season. New England has a tough game coming up against the Miami Dolphins in which a win guarantees the Patriots a playoff bye. But Brady and the team appear to be keeping it light despite such dire circumstances.

New Year, Same Old Approach

Despite Brady’s contract situation in the coming weeks, the quarterback is treating the final weeks of the regular season as he always has. The spotlight has always been on Brady, but more so this year given his uncertain future not only with the Patriots but in the NFL too.

He was also asked about the pregame speech he gave to the team ahead of last Saturday’s 24-17 victory over the Buffalo Bills. As a veteran and captain, Brady is expected to serve as a leader though not always as a vocal one.

But in this particular case, Brady rallied the troops and it clearly had an influence from the start. Why doesn’t Brady do that every game? The quarterback feels it wouldn’t have the same meaning if he did it every week.

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