Are Tom Brady’s Injuries Making Him Think Hard about Retirement?

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady.

Tom Brady is truly one of the most unique professional football players of all time. After 20 seasons in the NFL and consistently taking hits, Brady is somehow still motivated to keep playing deep into his forties.

But could time be catching up to the New England Patriots quarterback? Brady has suffered several minor injuries during the 2019 season and has looked, at times, like a shadow of his former self by missing more than the occasional pass.

Though Brady has openly talked about playing until he is 45 for some time, the reality of that happening is starting to look slim. Whether or not he stays with the Patriots all that time is a different story. However, Brady’s age is starting to show slightly.

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Brady Takes a New Stance on Retirement

While Brady’s goal is to play until he’s 45, his injuries have definitely made Brady think a little more about his future. In his Monday night interview with Westwood One Radio, Brady definitely seemed a little more honest about whether or not he will be able to play another three years. Here’s what he had to say:

“I think I have said for a long time, my tune has not changed, I hope to continue playing. I’ve had long-term goals, and I’ve had short-term goals and again football is a contact sport. You never know when you’re last game is going to be and you count your blessings every time you walk off that field healthy.”

Brady is clearly considering his life after football with this mentality. As he gets older, his risk for injury continues to rise and a serious one could force Brady from the field for good. The quarterback could be expressing his desire to want to retire on his own terms, not because he is physically unable to perform.

How is Brady Feeling This Late in His 20th Season?

Brady was asked both Monday morning on Boston radio station WEEI and at night on Westwood One about his current elbow injury, revealed to be similar to tennis elbow over the weekend.

His morning response was encouraging for the quarterback who has been a frequent fixture on the injury report this season.

“My elbow is not a problem. I got hit on it and anytime you get hit on that joint you’re going to have a little soreness but it feels good. I couldn’t imagine feeling any better at this point in the season. I’m not dealing with anything just going to be ready to go for practice and going to go out and play my best game of the year.”

It was much of the same at night on Westwood One from Brady.

Brady looked as good as he has all season on Saturday against the Buffalo Bills, completing over 70 percent of his passes and tossing a touchdown to his 76th different recipient.

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