Tom Brady Gives Candid Response to Being Picked for NFL 100 Team

Tom Brady

Getty Tom Brady completed a career-high 43 passes in Super Bowl LI.

Somewhat predictably, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was named as one of the quarterbacks on the NFL 100 All-Time team as revealed by the NFL Network.

The running special has been looking at the top players in NFL history at every position, with quarterback the last to be revealed. Joe Montana was the first quarterback revealed with Brady directly following. Brady was brought in the studio for an interview including Rich Eisen, Chris Collinsworth, and his head coach Bill Belichick.

His coach, who has relished the chance to talk about football in a different setting, thoroughly enjoyed having his long-time quarterback by his side for the special and the two apparently shared some fond memories.

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Brady “Humbled” by His Experience

Speaking on Boston radio station WEEI Monday morning, Brady opened up about being named to the NFL 100 All-Time Team and described what the day was like at the NFL Films studios in New York.

It was a fun day, I was in New York and flew down to the NFL films studios with Coach Belichick. It was actually the first segment and we were the first people interviewed in the whole thing. We just got to reminisce a little bit and then had a few other quarterbacks who I can’t name come onto the set. It was cool, it was very surreal for me to be a part of that. It’s an incredible honor. I mean, 100 years in the NFL, you can’t name just 100 great players. There’s thousands and thousands but to be even considered among one of the greats to play, I would never imagine that in my life. Just very honored and very humbled.

Brady is fully deserving of the honor considering he’s won the most Super Bowls of any starting quarterback in NFL history, including four MVP awards in those games. He has consistently led the Patriots to double-digit win totals with his clutch drives and knack for performing well in big games.

Montana or Brady

The Patriots quarterback was also asked about being able to share the distinction with his childhood idol, Joe Montana. Brady grew up outside San Francisco and attended 49ers games throughout his childhood. Watching Joe Montana is what Brady says inspired him to play football.

Brady spoke very candidly about Montana, Steve Young, and inspiring the next generation of great football players.

Joe is someone I’ve always looked up to and admired. And as a kid to be there first hand and watching him, no one was a bigger Joe Montana fan than me. Then Steve Young came along and you thought the San Francisco 49ers were blessed to have those two for a long time. Those were my two guys, I love them both, and they really inspired me to play football and inspired me to love the game. I’m sure it’s like a lot of kids in New England who are under the age of 20 have had a pretty cool time watching our team and its success so hopefully there will be a lot of good football players coming out of here in the next 20 years.

Brady has become a defining figure not just in New England football but in the region’s sports identity as a whole.

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