Hawks Vince Carter is a Walking Statue & Walking Icon, Says Atlanta Legend

Vince- Carter

Getty Vince Carter #15 of the Atlanta Hawks reacts after hitting a three-point basket against the Memphis Grizzlies

This past offseason Hawks guard Vince Carter announced on ESPN’s The Jump that the 2019-20 season will, be his last season in the NBA.

“I just think that after next season, it is time,” he said on ESPN’s ‘The Jump.’ “It’s been great.”

Here’s a look at the video from the show, which was revealed by Chris Montano of ESPN.

Earlier this season, Fox Sports Southwest’s Cedric Collabos shared that Carter should continue playing.

“Don’t do it, Vince keep going,” said Cedric Ceballos.” His last years, I thought he should have been on a contender instead of teams that are rebuilding and teaching them the knowledge, which is great for the game of basketball, but he is a liable piece even in his 22nd year in the league. 15 minutes of good basketball is still in him, and [Carter] can still make a difference during the game.”

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Lou Williams Thinks Carter is a Walking Statue

The Los Angeles Clippers were in Atlanta on last Wednesday night and after the Hawks beat the Clippers a 102-95. Lou Williams was asked by Fanatics View’s Kelly McGill what type of legacy does Carter leave on the NBA.

“It’s so interesting that he’s played so many different guys. I think a lot of the young guys especially the guys in the Hawks organization they should be blessed to have him around. The dude is a walking statue and walking icon future Hall of Famer,” said Williams. “Stick around and make plays tonight, so he is not just here for the fun of it. He is still making a difference in the game, so it’s just an iconic career well all wish for in this league.”

Lou Williams says Vince Carter is a "WALKING STATUE" 😂 & "WALKING ICON" 💯Watch as Lou Williams says Vince Carter is a "WALKING STATUE" & "WALKING ICON" (LA CLIPPERS @ ATL HAWKS, POST-GAME) #LouWilliams #VinceCarter #LAClippers Don’t forget to Subscribe to Fanatics View on YouTube for more exclusive sports content: youtube.com/channel/UCy31smm3GNCgbSgYm9hb41Q?sub_confirmation=1 youtube.com/fanaticsvieworiginals Basketball Channel: youtube.com/channel/UChYA8XpBfYwSIDGp6p70Wag Boxing & MMA Channel: youtube.com/channel/UClMSjEKmxTNrA-LYrU_RtRg College Football Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCtpm2KGfgIjk_jwjmBhB2Tw Baseball Channel: youtube.com/channel/UC7tk0cTJsg3c9vzwEDzZ6Qw Dallas…2020-01-23T13:22:48Z

Aaron Gordon, Donovan Mitchell, and Rashad Lewis  on Vince Carter

Back in November 2019, Magic forward Aaron Gordon shared with Fanatics View, that Vince Carter is one of those guys you wish he could play forever.

“He’s one of those guys you wish who could just play forever,” Gordon revealed. “22 seasons is no joke, so it is a testament how good of a pro he is; it makes me sad to see him go. He is a legend.”

Jazz Donovan Mitchell back in 2018 shared that he hoped back then Carter decided to come back for the 2019-20 season because it is an honor to play against him.

“Man You look at a guy like Vince, who I’ve talked to on several incidences. It is so impressive the way he takes care of himself and doesn’t look as old as he is, which is very impressive.  He continues to work and he is going to do great out there in Atlanta giving them guidance and also being a piece to that team. I hope this is not his last year because it’s just an honor to play against a guy like Vince,” said Mitchell.

Carter’s former teammate last August, shared that he wished that could have been able to play 20 years like Carter has been able to achieve.

“He was a great teammate when I played with him in Orlando. He is a great guy off the court and does stuff in the community. When he lived in Orlando, I used to hang out with him during the summer. He is doing something I wish I could have done, my goal was to play 20 years and retire after that. I think that is a blessing to play basketball as long as he can until you want to hang it up,” said Lewis.

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