Former Slam Dunk Champion Doesn’t Think Vince Carter Should Retire

Vince- Carter

Getty Vince Carter #15 of the Atlanta Hawks reacts after hitting a three-point basket against the Memphis Grizzlies

Earlier this summer on ESPN’s The Jump, Vince Carter shared with the panel that the 2019-20 season will be his 22nd and final season in the NBA. For the second straight season, he begins the year as a member of the Atlanta Hawks.

“I just think that after next season, it is time,” he said on ESPN’s ‘The Jump.’ “It’s been great.”

Here’s a look at the video from the show, which was revealed by Chris Montano of House of Highlights.

Ex-NBA Player Cedric Ceballos Weighed in on Carter ‘s Announcement

Before the Dallas Mavericks’ home opener against the Washington Wizards, former Maverick Cedric Ceballos was asked about Vince Carter’s decision to retire at the end of the season.

“Don’t do it, Vince keep going,” said Cedric Ceballos.” His last years, I thought he should have been on a contender instead of teams that are rebuilding and teaching them the knowledge, which is great for the game of basketball, but he is a liable piece even in his 22nd year in the league. 15 minutes of good basketball is still in him and [Carter] can still make a difference during the game.”

Carter’s Former Teammate Rashad Lewis Recently Reflected on His Legendary Career

Earlier this year, Rashard Lewis talked about he and Carter’s time with the Orlando Magic from 2009-11.

“He was a great teammate when I played with him in Orlando. He is a great guy off the court and does stuff in the community. When he lived in Orlando, I used to hang out with him during the summer. He is doing something I wish I could have done, my goal was to play 20 years and retire after that. I think that is a blessing to play basketball as long as he can until you want to hang it up,” said Lewis.

Rashard Lewis on Mavs Kristaps Porzingis Trade, Vince Carter's Career & Ray Allen's Work EthicWatch as Rashard Lewis talks Mavs Kristaps Porzingis Trade, Vince Carter's Career & Ray Allen's Work Ethic, Dwight Howard, Seattle Ownership and possible WNBA ownership, in an exclusive interview with Fanatics View in Dallas, TX at the Big 3. #VinceCarter #KristapsPorzingis #NBA Subscribe to our YouTube channel here for more sports content! Visit us…2019-08-19T23:08:17.000Z

Former All-Star Gilbert Arenas Spoke About Carter’s Longevity in the NBA

Back in August, Gilbert Arenas was interviewed before the Big 3’s appearance in Dallas, Texas. During the interview, Arenas was asked about announcing the 2019-20 season would be his last.

“Vince was a steady guy,” Gilbert Arenas told me.

“Just shows you the kind of professional he was, and still is to last this long. Consider the freak of nature, he was to last this long [that] says everything about Vince.”

Arenas left the public scratching their heads when he made headlines suggesting that Carter should retire earlier this year.

“Vince should be on the bench as a coach or in the office giving his input,” said Arenas.

“That’s a roster spot. You have kids who are 27 in (the BIG3) that should be in the NBA. Why are they not in the NBA? It’s not that I don’t like that he’s playing, it’s just that I had to fight from the beginning. You see a guy who is over the hill already and think, ‘I’m better than you.’ But the coach isn’t going to put me in, and you have no reason to still be playing. You’re not playing for anything, but in his mind, he’s playing for the title of most seasons played.”

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