Jorge Masvidal Allegedly Knocks Out Potential Muggers

Jorge Masvidal

Getty Jorge Masvidal celebrates after knocking out Darren Till during the Welterweight bout on March 16, 2019 in London, England.

UFC’s current BMF, Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal, doesn’t just have that accolade because of his win over Nate Diaz at UFC 244. Gamebred has lived the life of a fighter inside and outside of the cage. On his podcast, recently retired fighter Chael Sonnen told a story about Jorge Masvidal.

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping learned of the story himself directly from Masvidal. During UFC 246 fight week, the former champ told Sonnen the story while the two were working press together. But, Bisping wanted Sonnen to ask Masvidal if it was okay for the story to be told publicly.

Sonnen allegedely called Gamebred to ask if he could tell the story, and Gamebred replied, “Yeah man, cool.”

Sonne doesn’t confirm when the events in the following story potentially took place.

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Sonne Claims Masvidal Knocks Out Three Guys at a Club

Gamebred was wearing a gold chain necklace at a club, and two guys approached him. Masvidal didn’t know either of the two men. And then, one of the men proceeded to “flick” Masvidal’s gold necklace.

Gamebred interpreted the situation as if these men were going to try and rob him. So, his BMF side kicked in, and he knocked out the guy who touched his necklace. Then, he “turn[ed] with a hook” and floored the other man as well.

He then decided to head into the bathroom to lay low. But, as he entered the bathroom, another man followed him in. Gamebred didn’t know if the man knew the other two guys. Instinctively, Masvidal did what he thought was best to protect himself from being mugged. He knocked the man out as well.

Sonnen, in the retelling of this story, then points to a question that Bisping had for Masvidal. Bisping asked Gamebred if he had considered that the man might not have been involved in the alleged attempted robbery. Masvidal told Bisping that he couldn’t take the risk.

Masvidal Replied to the Story on Twitter

Masvidal linked to the video of Sonnen telling the story, and replied to it via tweet:

His tweet reads, “Yes, [Chael Sonnen], Irish grandmas love me.”

Sonnen never mentioned an “Irish grandma” in the video, but one can imagine that Gamebred is talking about Conor McGregor’s grandma.

After McGregor defeated Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, the Irishman hugged Cerrone’s grandmother after she came into the cage.

Masvidal, who has made it known that he wants to fight McGregor next, could be alluding to a potential hug with McGregor’s grandma after their fight. However, it is unconfirmed at this time what he meant by his tweet.

On Monday’s episode of Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Masvidal was asked about Sonnen’s story.

Masvidal responded, “I plead the fifth.” He then proceeded to tell Helwani: ” I have no recollection of that story, I don’t know anything.”

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