Is Raiders’ Derek Carr Trolling With Cryptic Social Media Activity?

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

It’s about to be a very interesting offseason for the Las Vegas Raiders. The NFL season barely ended a few weeks ago and the team has already been involved in a litany of rumors. The latest rumors surround a potential move to trade quarterback Derek Carr. While there haven’t been any rumblings that the Raiders are actually interested, teams are expected to reach out to them starting at the Combine.

Carr hasn’t done much to quiet any of the trade chatter as he’s been posting very cryptic pictures on Instagram. It started with a picture of him against the Chargers.

That first post was interesting, but the one he made the next day turned even more heads.

He didn’t stop there as he decided to post of picture of him playing against the Indianapolis Colts on Friday.

What do the Bears, Chargers and Colts have in common? They all need quarterbacks and could be suitors for Derek Carr. That obviously isn’t lost on the quarterback as he specifically chose to feature those teams. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he put up a picture of him playing against the Buccaneers or Titans on Saturday.

Is Derek Carr Being a Troll?

At first, a lot could’ve been read into his first couple of posts. However, with his post on Friday, he laid it on a little too thick. At this point, it’s easy to believe that he’s just trying to troll. He’s likely tired of hearing about the trade rumors surrounding his name and decided to have some fun with it. If you look at his liked tweets on Twitter, you can see that he liked a tweet that pretty much says he’s trolling.

That doesn’t necessarily prove that he’s trolling, but it’s a good indication that he is. At the end of the day, Carr has no say on where he may get traded and it’s still very possible that he remains the Raiders quarterback in 2020. He has always maintained that he intends to finish his career in Las Vegas and while that’s out of his control, it’s doubtful he’s trying to make a play to get traded.

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Carr to the Colts?

It’s probably no coincidence that Carr’s Colts-themed Instagram post came shortly after a new report linked Indianapolis to the quarterback. According to The Athletic’s Stephen Holder, the Colts could reach out to the Raiders about his availability.

Though it seems like Carr is trying to have some fun, it’s not up to him if he ends up getting traded. The possibility that the Raiders move on from him is real. He likely knows this and trolling could be his way of coping with the situation. Regardless, Carr has every right to mess with the media as they haven’t been very kind to him. He’s far from being one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL, but it seems like there are multiple new stories every day that indicates the Raiders are going to get rid of him.

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