‘Growing Sense’ Teams Will Inquire About Raiders’ Derek Carr at Combine

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

As the 2020 NFL Combine draws near, rumors are bound to start pouring in. The combine doesn’t only serve as a way for teams to evaluate upcoming rookies, it’s also a way for teams to talk to each other about making potential moves. Two people who could be somewhat popular this year are Las Vegas Raiders‘ Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock.

Though it remains to be seen if they’re legitimately interested in trading quarterback Derek Carr, Raiders insider for the Las Vegas Review-Journal Vincent Bonsignore believes that teams are going ask about him.

Now, just because teams are interested doesn’t necessarily mean the Raiders are. There’s been a lot of rumors surrounding Las Vegas quarterback situation, but those are just rumors. It’s very possible the Raiders send Carr to another team, but it seems unlikely anything happens until free agency at the earliest. Gruden and Mayock aren’t going to give up Carr unless they have his replacement in house.

Colts Among Teams That Could Be Interested

While many in the Raider fan base have soured on Carr, there are still plenty of teams that could use his services. He may not be the most exciting quarterback in the NFL, but he doesn’t make many mistakes and he can make big plays from time to time. Don’t be surprised if you hear that the Indianapolis Colts put out a feeler on Carr. Jacoby Brisset is far from terrible, but it’s clear that he’s going to have a hard time leading them to the playoffs. The Colts have a strong roster and a good offensive line. Carr could thrive in Indianapolis and T.Y. Hilton would probably be the best wide receiver he’s ever had to throw to.

Also, keep an eye out for the Chicago Bears. Despite what their general manager says, there’s no way they’re sold on Mitch Trubisky. They have a Super Bowl defense and could be a quarterback away from getting to the big game. There’s no doubt Carr is an upgrade over Trubisky and he’d be able to reunite with his old pal Khalil Mack.

The Washington Redksins could show some interest thanks to their Jack Del Rio addition. Additionally, the Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are other teams that could have a need at quarterback.

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How Much Could the Raiders Get for Carr?

The question regarding a potential Carr trade is exactly how much teams are willing to offer for him. Obviously, the Raiders would love a first-round pick for him, but it’s doubtful they’ll even try to get that. Some quarterback-needy teams get desperate, but that’s unlikely to happen this early in the offseason.

A second-round pick seems fair for Carr and there may be a couple of teams that would be willing to match that asking price. However, the most likely end game would probably be a third-round pick considering his hefty contract. While he’s no longer paid like a top-10 quarterback, he’s still going to have a large cap hit.

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