Tom Brady to Raiders Doesn’t Make Sense, Says Analyst

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Getty New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Tom Brady’s NFL future is up in the air and while it looks like the Las Vegas Raiders are prepared to make a run at him, it remains to be seen if he has any real interest in joining the team. There’s no doubt a move to Sin City could be an interesting marketing opportunity for the quarterback, but it may not be his best option on the football field. Rumors circulated recently that Brady had bought a house in Las Vegas, but that has yet to be proven and FOX Sports’ Colin Cowherd isn’t buying that it actually happened.

“Tom Brady – I don’t believe – bought a big mansion in Las Vegas,” Cowherd said on Monday’s episode of The Herd. “Prove it to me. Show me the mortgage title.  I don’t buy it because I don’t think Tom Brady is gonna go to a rebuilding franchise and play in a division with Patrick Mahomes twice a year and those weapons.”

The AFC West is certainly much more daunting than the AFC East. The Chiefs just won a Super Bowl, the Broncos improved greatly towards the end of the season and the Chargers have a very talented roster. While the Raiders are up and coming, adding Brady doesn’t automatically put them at the top of the division.

Move Doesn’t Make Sense for Brady

Besides the fact that Brady would have to play in a stronger division, joining the Raiders may not make much sense in other ways. Cowherd went on to detail why Brady wouldn’t consider the silver and black.

“The Raiders need Brady way more than Brady needs the NFL’s poorest owner … This doesn’t make stylistic sense, it doesn’t make brand sense, it doesn’t make roster sense and Jon Gruden, by the way, doesn’t run an offense … that Tom Brady does … None of this makes sense – I don’t buy into it for a second,” he said.

Brady has spent much of his career having an offense tailored around his skillset. Jon Gruden isn’t known for his flexibility. It’s highly unlikely he makes major changes to his offense for the sake of Brady. The quarterback probably wouldn’t be a fan of that idea.

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The Move Doesn’t Make Much Sense for the Raiders Either

If you’re talking the business side of things, then yes, Brady makes a lot of sense for the Raiders. He’s one of the biggest names in sports and would immediately make the Raiders a hot ticket in 2020. However, he doesn’t make much sense from a football standpoint. Yes, he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, but he’s going to be 43 when the season starts. Plus, his numbers weren’t much better than Derek Carr’s in 2019.

At his age, it’s doubtful Brady’s numbers start to get better before they get worse. Also, it usually takes quarterbacks at least a year before they fully grasp Gruden’s offense. The Raiders almost made the playoffs in 2019 with Carr. Starting over with Brady could jeopardize the progress the team has made. While it’s certainly a romantic idea to have a future Hall of Famer leading your team in the first year in a new city, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for either side.

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