Roman Reigns Details why he Preferred ‘The Fiend’ Over Goldberg at Wrestlemania

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Its Wrestlemania season in the WWE, and we are just one month out from the grandest stage of them all. So, when some of the top Superstars are out helping to promote this year’s Wrestlemania in Tampa, Florida, and next year’s Wrestlemania in Los Angeles, California media members will be asking them all types of questions. WWE Superstar Roman Reigns isn’t any different.

Last week Reigns was, asked who would he rather face ‘The Fiend’ [Bray Wyatt] or Bill Goldberg. In an interview with Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Reigns detailed why he rather face ‘The Fiend’ over Goldberg.

“From a completely honest standpoint, I would much rather face ‘The Fiend’ [Bray Wyatt].

“He’s busted his ass all year long for it. No offense to Goldberg, I think he’s a great performer, he’s a great Superstar, but I’m into the future right now.”

Many individuals in the WWE Universe were hoping for ‘The Fiend’ [Bray Wyatt] to walk into Wrestlemania as the Universal Champion after the incredible year that he has had. After being out for some time and had to return and redevelop his character on Friday Night Smackdown and on Raw before the brand split.

However, the WWE higher-ups decided to go in a different direction as Goldberg defeated ‘The Fiend’ at Supershow down last Thursday, and winning the Universal Championship for the second time. Causing many fans to showcase their frustration on social media.

The WWE knows fans will tune into Wrestlemania 36 just to watch Bill Goldberg perform to remanence in his past glory during his incredible run in WCW [World Championship Wrestling] as the company did battle with WWE Raw in the late 90s called the Monday Night Wars.

However, we know nostalgia is very important in the WWE, but if they keep putting over Superstars such as, Goldberg, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin to name a few, they won’t ever develop new Superstars. Thus, their fans will stop watching the product.

 Roman Reigns Tells Goldberg That he is Next

On Friday’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, Goldberg made a rare appearance on the program. He started off the program by stating “it’s not about who was last, it’s about who’s next.” Reigns after beating Baron Corbin in a cage match the night before in Saudi Arabia walked down to the ring and engaged in a long staredown with Goldberg before informing the WWE Hall of Famer, that he was next.

“I’m next,” said Reigns.

He would then drop the mic turnaround and leave the ring. Later on that night, the announcement was made that indeed Roman Reigns would challenge Goldberg for the Universal Championship at this year’s Wrestlemania.

The match of Bill Goldberg and Roman Reigns will be the first time these two Superstars will face each other in the ring.

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