Patrick Mahomes Reveals the Athletes He Idolized as a Child

Super Bowl 55 Odds

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images Patrick Mahomes was named the Super Bowl LIV MVP.

In several years, maybe even now, young athletes will undoubtedly say that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was their sports idol growing up. At just 24, Mahomes has dazzled fans on the field with his skill and off the field with his humility.

That being said, that leaves some wondering who Mahomes himself looked up to, before the Super Bowl MVP honors and forthcoming record-breaking contract. On Saturday’s episode of HBO’s “The Shop,” the Texas native revealed his two role models as a child, and surprisingly they aren’t retired (or event current) members of the NFL.

Via Arrowhead Pride:

“Growing up, I saw guys like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. [I saw] they were at the top of the game and how much work they put in. I think that instilled in me at a young age that it’s not about the top. It’s about the process of getting there — and the process of every day, staying there. I have this same process that I go through every single week [and] every single day — to prepare myself for each and every game — and it didn’t change from when I was a year one rookie (and not playing) to now. I’m doing the same exact stuff.”

A-Rod and Jeter are modern day superheroes for many fans of the game, which is a testament to their impact as players for the New York Yankees and ambassadors of baseball following retirement. Mahomes might be many years away from hanging up his cleats for good, but in just has three short years has inspired millions of fans to persevere and pursue their dreams no matter the setback.

Mahomes Aspires to Call Plays Like Andy Reid

Behind every title-winning team is a great head coach who can inspire his men to play some of their best football. So, it’s no wonder why Mahomes has found himself wanting to emulate Chiefs head coach Andy Reid as his career continues, especially when it comes to play calling.

“I want to get to the level coach Reid is at,” Mahomes said on the program. “I’ll use as an example, we played the Denver Broncos in the snow and we had moved the ball well. In the red zone, they played zone coverage every single time, every single play. And so I wanted to call a different play, and coach Reid called a man-beater. He said ‘I want to call this man-beater right now.’ I’m looking at coach like, what are we doing? We get out there and those dudes are playing man coverage. Touchdown.

“He knew. I want to be on that level where I can think ahead.”

For someone who just learned how to read defenses nearly two years ago, it looks like no goal is too small for the leagues best slinger.

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