Rob Gronkowski Reveals His Role at WrestleMania 36

Rob Gronkowski

YouTube Rob Gronkowski during the Andre the Giant Battle Royale in April of 2017.

Rob Gronkowski will be involved at WrestleMania 36 in a major way. He announced via Twitter on Wednesday night that he will be the host for what will be a two-night event.


Vince McMahon isn’t Letting the Coronavirus Stop the WWE’s Programming

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the WWE has continued with its regular schedule with Raw and Smackdown on Monday and Friday nights, and it plans to not only go forth with WrestleMania 36 but to have it last two days beginning Saturday, April 4 and extending into Sunday, April 5.

Is WWE right or wrong to continue producing content while most of the world is on pause? It depends on who you ask, but one thing is for sure, Chairman Vince McMahon is waiting to hear your opinion.

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Gronk’s WWE Connection

Gronkowski is a future NFL Hall-of-Famer after playing nine highly successful seasons with the New England Patriots. Gronk was a part of three Super Bowl teams, and he is a five-time Pro-Bowler. He retired after the 2018 season and has had a cameo with the WWE.

Gronkowski has some ties to current WWE Superstar Mojo Rawley aka Dean Muhtadi. This connection was explored during the brief Gronk-related storyline back in 2017 at WrestleMania 33. The angle has been revitalized for WrestleMania 36 and it has triggered another massive persona change for Rawley. He’s seemingly backed to the superhyped guy with tons of energy as opposed to the more serious and no-nonsense gimmick he’d adopted a few months back

Rawley, who had a stint in the NFL, and Gronkowski are real-life friends and their relationship has been accentuated on WWE programming to create an angle for what was an inevitable run for the former football player with the promotion.

Expect to see Gronkowski get physical with a current member of the WWE’s roster and to perhaps even have some sort of impromptu match.


WrestleMania Without Fans

The WWE events that have continued on through the Coronavirus outbreak have happened at the WWE Performance Center with no fans in attendance. Only the performers and mandatory personnel have been present.

Originally, WrestleMania 36 was to take place in Tampa, Florida at Raymond James Stadium, but the outbreak forced the event to be moved. Some or all of the event was thought to be held at the WWE Performance Center, but there is a belief it’ll be held at various locations, which would hearken back to WrestleMania 2, which happened under very different circumstances.

Most other sports and entertainment organizations have canceled their events. However, Vince McMahon has kept the WWE in motion, even to the chagrin of critics.

Now Gronk is a part of the biggest spectacle and what will likely prove to be one of the most memorable WrestleManias ever.

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