UFC Surprise? Champ Promises He’d ‘Crumble’ Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor vs. Alex Volkanovski?


UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski revealed to The Daily Telegraph’s Nick Walshaw that he’d “crumble” Conor McGregor should UFC president Dana White shock the entire world and put Volkanovski in position to face the Irish superstar next.

“For a start, I’m too smart for the Conor mind games,” Volkanovski said. “I won’t say too much, but Conor McGregor, he likes to set a lot of traps. But they’re things I would never get caught up in.”

Volkanovski admitted he often envisioned himself getting the nod for a massive McGregor fight even though it doesn’t really seem that likely an option for UFC’s current 145-pound champion. McGregor hasn’t competed in the featherweight division since shockingly dethroning longtime featherweight king Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in December 2015, and the Irishman’s last fight was against Donald Cerrone in the 170-pound welterweight division.

Still, Volkanovski confidently assured he’d be ready to shock the world if he somehow got the next crack at McGregor.

Volkanovski Blasts McGregor’s Cardio, Promises to ‘Crumble Him’

The newly crowned champion didn’t back off his assessment of a possible McGregor showdown.

“The guy isn’t exactly known for his cardio either, so I’d crumble him,” Volkanovski said. “Make it look easy.”

Volkanovski said he thought the first couple of rounds would look like a good fight to those watching from home, but the 31-year-old said the reality of the situation would be that he’d just be setting traps of his own.

“The first rounds, yeah, they might be competitive,” Volkanovski said.  “And I’ve already pictured it being like that”

But Volkanoski believes his power and skill set would overcome anything the UFC’s first “champ champ” McGregor could muster against him.

“I’ll let him dance about, showboat, do his thing,” Volkanovski said. “But second round you’ll see his face quickly change. And I’ve pictured that too.”

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Volkanovski Envisions Facing Many UFC Stars

Volkanovski admitted he’d pictures himself in the Octagon against many of the UFC’s top performers. For the featherweight ace, at least in his mind, he likes what he sees when he thinks about how those showdowns play out.

“I’ve pictured myself fighting a whole bunch of people,” Volkanovski said. “Not only Max Holloway, but also Conor, Cejudo, Korean Zombie, even Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Of those possibilities, perhaps the UFC’s last “champ champ” Henry Cejudo is second-closest to becoming a reality.

The former flyweight and current bantamweight champion Cejudo has been talking up a storm about moving up to featherweight to challenge Volkanovski for his title. For Volkanovski’s part, the 145-pound champ said he’d welcome Cejudo.

“And I think Cejudo does want that fight,” Volkanovski said. “But without sounding too cocky, I’d squash him.

Volkanovski-Holloway 2 at UFC 251 in Perth?

Volkanovski defeated Max Holloway at UFC 245 in December to snag the belt from one of the most decorated fighters the division had ever seen. Some have suggested a rematch is in order and that it could land at UFC 251 in June, though no official announcement has yet been made.

Still, Volkanovski confirmed he wanted to headline that event in his home country.

“But I want to headline that event,” said Volkanovski. “And I know Dana White wants me on there, wants me to rematch Holloway, but right now there is nothing on paper, we haven’t even had a sit down yet.”

That could change soon though. Volkanovski is in Las Vegas this week for the UFC 248 festivities in Las Vegas, and he believes that everything could be set up soon for the Holloway rematch.

Indeed, all signs seem to point that way.

“So that might be something we do this weekend,” Volkanovski said.

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