Carmelo Anthony’s Blazers Success ‘No Suprise’ says Jamal Crawford [VIDEO]

Carmelo Anthony, Trail Blazers

Getty Carmelo Anthony, Trail Blazers

Carmelo Anthony is living his best life this season in a Portland Trail Blazers uniform.

One person taking note is Jamal Crawford.

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Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Crawford sung Anthony’s praises and told me that Anthony joining the Blazers back in the fall was a perfect fit.

This season, Anthony is averaging 15.3 points and 6.3 assists per game in head coach, Terry Stott’s Blazers system.

Check out a snippet from Crawford’s dialogue below:

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Carmelo Anthony told me that throughout his whole process of him figuring out his next move, he spoke to you. You guys just spoke about next moves and he spoke highly of you on record of just why he feels you should be playing. I guess my question for you is what have you seen from ‘Melo in Portland that has shut all non-believers down?


Getty Jamal Crawford accepting wyman-Stokes Teammate Award

Jamal Crawford: Just him having those props of being the big shot taker and big shot maker. Him just bringing that presence – and people don’t understand that part of it. Even if you’re not scoring in that particular possession or that particular game, whatever it might be that particular quarter … the defense is still aware of him. And with that it allows the team basically to play 4-on-4. You know, you HAVE to know where ‘Melo is and I couldn’t be happier for him. Even with my process right, ‘Melo said it in one of his interviews, “It’s hard getting up every day and working out not necessarily knowing if you’re going to get the chance to be back out there.” So with that, even some mornings or some days are like man, I love the game but why am I doing this extra, extra work right now? It’s nothing to it on the other side of this and then they lose faith in him and then he restored it. He was out the League for 15 months. I had no doubt that he would have success; it’s about him getting the chance. He got a chance. He got a team that played his style of play, because you can look as better and bad depending on what system you’re in. ‘Melo is not a three point shooting guy. He’s not going to shoot the three every single time. He’s more midrange and that sets everything else up for him. Portland plays that way. And Portland needed him and he needed them and it’s been great.