Lamar Jackson Gives Donald Trump Twitter Shoutout

Lamar Jackson

Getty Lamar Jackson reacts during a game in Los Angeles.

President Donald Trump had positive things to say about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, and once he saw, Jackson returned the favor with a comment of his own.

After Trump reacted to a tweet regarding Jaire Alexander sharing his excitement over Jackson being drafted calling the quarterback a “great pick,” Jackson re-tweeted Trump and gave him a shoutout in the only way he knows how.

A slang term in which has been popularized in the Baltimore locker room, while “Big Truss” is hard to define, many have said it is a notion that a player has the back of their teammates. Also, an idea of spreading the love.

Obviously, no matter the president’s controversial political nature, it had to be a thrill for Jackson to know his talents reach all the way around the world even through the Oval Office. That’s a sure sign an athlete has truly made it in his field.

Lamar Jackson Received Similar Love From Drake

Jackson is no stranger to getting shoutouts from famous folks. A few months back, he got a similar Twitter shoutout from Drake.

After catching wind of the fact that it was Jackson’s birthday at the time, the rapper took to Twitter to wish Jackson well and also show the quarterback some love. Here’s a look at the post, courtesy of the team’s official Twitter.

Naturally, in the aftermath, several began to shown concern over a potential curse given Drake’s cloudy history with supporting favored teams that went on to lose games. Indeed, the Ravens would go on to lose their playoff game, though this is hardly a major reason why that is the case.

Regardless of that, it’s neat to see another fantastic connection for the young quarterback, who several have been taking note of in recent months given his superb play.

Speaking after Drake’s shoutout, Jackson tried to play it cool as it relates to Drake giving him a shoutout, but even he had to admit to being a bit excited by the honor, as the team revealed.

“It was pretty cool. I’ve been talking to Drake for the longest, you guys don’t know that. But it was pretty cool. Everybody’s been telling me. So it’s dope. It’s great,” Jackson said at his news conference.

What does Jackson think of all the high-profile love he’s been getting in recent months from names like Al Pacino and now Drake?

“It doesn’t hit me sometimes, you know? With all those guys knowing about me, I just cherish it,” he said. Safe to say he will have to cherish getting a shout from a sitting president as well.

Lamar Jackson Stats

This past season, Jackson was the epitome of a dual-threat quarterback and one of the leaders in the next generation of quarterbacks that will make waves in the league. After the action concluded last week, Jackson has put up 3,127 passing yards and 36 touchdowns through the air. On the ground, he has rumbled for 1,206 yards and 7 touchdowns. As a whole, the Ravens have managed to find the best of Jackson on the field. Arguably, he’s become the most obvious MVP candidate in the league given these types of things.

Since being drafted out of Louisville in a move many wondered about at the time, Jackson has begun to rewrite the book in the league in terms of what a quarterback is and can be. The fact that he was a shoo-in as an All-Pro is a testament to how good Jackson has been in 2019. He was also voted the unquestioned NFL MVP.

Jackson has been so good he even has the attention of one of the most Twitter savvy folks around.

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