9 Best SPD Pedals for Cycling: Compare & Save

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One of the biggest advantages of an SPD pedal is that it’s easier to clip into and out of, especially when you’re coming up to an obstacle on the trail or need to quickly cross an intersection once the light turns green. SPD pedals are compatible with two-bolt cleats and accompanying indoor cycling shoes or mountain biking shoes.

shimano spd pedals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Mud-shedding design
  • Designed for off-road use
  • Oversized platform
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best spd pedals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Designed for spin bikes
  • Dual-sided platform
  • Can ride with toe clips
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spd pedals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Colorful design
  • Made for off-roading
  • Dual-sided clipless and flat pedals
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shimano pedals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • SPD-SL cleats
  • Great for experienced road riders
  • Lightweight carbon body
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best spd pedals
  • Dual clipless and flat pedal design
  • Four adjustable pins for flats
  • Compatible with two-bolt SPD shoes
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best spd pedals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Dual-platform pedals
  • Compatible with road, mountain and touring bikes
  • Easily adjustable tension
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
best spd pedals
  • Works with SPD-style cleats
  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • Larger surface area
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best spd pedals Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Designed for aggressive trail riding
  • Dual-sided platform
  • Mud-shedding design
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Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Shimano PD-M530 Mountain Pedals

    • Integrated cage for maximum stability and protection
    • Open binding design minimizes mud and debris build-up
    • Cage keeps the binding mechanism safe during impact
    • Some competitors have more degrees of float
    • Not the most lightweight
    • Cage is a bit bulky

    An integrated cage gives you more control and stability even when you’re not clipped in, making these Shimano mountain bike pedals a solid choice for beginners through more advanced riders. The cage also keeps the binding mechanism safe in the event of an impact.

    Mud and trail debris can quickly make its way into the pedals and cause you to have trouble clipping in or out. However, these SPD pedals have an open binding design that keeps mud and other debris to a minimum.

    These off-road pedals have a dual-sided binding and an oversized platform for maximum power transfer and stability. The total weight is 455 grams per pair.

  2. 2. Wellgo WPD-E003 Spin Bike Pedals

    • Works with any spinning bike that takes a 9/16-inch spindle
    • Adjustable tension makes it harder or easier to clip in
    • Dual-sided platform works with clipless SPD shoes and toe cages
    • Quite heavy
    • Not for outdoor use
    • Won't work with Peloton Look/Delta cleats

    These SPD-compatible pedals are designed for spin bikes for your home or studio cycling workouts. As long as you have an SPD-compatible indoor cycling shoe you can clip in and start pedaling. 

    This dual-sided pedal also comes with a toe clip if you’re still warming up to clipless pedals or you simply prefer to ride with toe clips. You can adjust the tension as needed to make it harder or easier to clip and out of the pedal.

    You can use these SPD pedals with any spinning bike that takes a 9/16-inch spindle. These pedals are made with aluminum and weigh in at 774 grams per pair.

  3. 3. Funn Mamba SPD Compatible Mountain Bike Pedals

    • Grease renewal system keeps your hands clean
    • Great for beginners who are just getting used to clipless pedals
    • Designed for mountain biking, endurance riding, downhill and more
    • Pedal is a bit bulky
    • Larger platform can take some getting used to
    • A few complaints of occasional contact with the ground

    When your group gets together for their next ride, you’ll stand out with your colorful SPD pedals. Keep it cool with an all-black pedal or explore the wilder side with a choice of several colors.

    The pedals are made for your most demanding off-road riding adventures, including mountain biking, endurance, freeride and downhill rides. A single-sided clip mechanism lets you get your foot securely in place or quickly unclip when necessary. You can also choose to use the other side as a typical flat pedal if you know you need to unclip soon or you’re just getting started with clipless pedals.

    These mountain bike SPD pedals also come with an innovative grease renewal system. Instead of getting your hands dirty, simply inject the grease into the designated port.

  4. 4. Shimano Ultegra PD-R8000 Pedals

    • Pair only weighs 248 grams
    • Adjustable tension settings for clipping in and out
    • Extra-wide platform for stability and power transfer
    • Some say they can be tough to clip into and out of
    • Not compatible with two-bolt SPD cleats
    • Slightly heavier than some competitors

    The Ultegra PD-R8000 Shimano pedals include SPD-SL cleats for three-bolt shoes, making them a practical choice for more experienced road cyclists. These Shimano SPD pedals are made with a lightweight yet durable carbon body, with a total weight of 248 grams for the pair.

    An extra-wide platform promotes stability and power transfer so that you can smash your PR’s, keep up with the local cycling group, or enjoy a smoother ride in general. These pedals also have a stainless steel body plate to help cut back on flex and pedal body wear.

    Adjustable tension settings ensure you’ll feel comfortable clipping in and out of these SPD pedals. These pedals have a single-sided binding and are specifically designed for road use.

  5. 5. iSSi Flip III Pedals

    • Triple bearing system minimizes friction
    • Recommended for commuting, cross country riding and trail adventures
    • Four-degree float for a realistic road feel
    • A bit heavy
    • Clipping into your desired side can take a bit longer
    • Not the most robust pedals for more demanding riding conditions

    Versatility is the hallmark feature of the Flip III pedals, as they feature a dual-sided design for flat or clipless riding. If you’re just heading out for a shorter ride or you’re not yet comfortable clipping in, the flat side is a safe choice.

    Four adjustable pins make it easier to lock the flats into place for a more secure ride. Alternatively, the clipless side works with two-bolt SPD shoes.

    A four-degree float ensures a realistic road feel and plenty of wiggle room for the trails. A triple bearing system ensures the pedals will last longer by minimizing friction.

    These SPD pedals are recommended for commuting, cross country riding and trail adventures. The pair weighs in at 493 grams.

  6. 6. Venzo Dual-Sided Platform & SPD Pedals

    • Large platform for maximum comfort
    • Works with all Shimano SPD mountain bike systems
    • Comes with SPD compatible cleats
    • Won't work with spin bikes
    • Not for heavier mountain bike riding
    • A bit hefty compared with other pedals in this price range

    These dual-platform bike pedals are SPD compatible and will work on road, mountain and touring bikes. In fact, they’re also compatible with all Shimano SPD mountain bike systems. The platform measures 100 by 90 milimeters, which gives your feet ample support and power transfer as you ride.

    If you need to adjust the tension, simply adjust the screws on the side of the pedal. This pair of pedals has a total weight of 580 grams and comes with SPD compatible cleats.

  7. 7. Look Cycle X-Track Race Carbon Pedals

    • Designed to easily shed mud
    • Best for cross country, cyclocross, gravel, off-road and commuting rides
    • Six-degree float is easier on the knees
    • Not Look/Delta compatible
    • Some competitors are lighter weight
    • Higher tension release

    Don’t be afraid to get these Look carbon fiber pedals off-road, as they’re designed to get dirty with an open body design that easily sheds mud and other debris from your off-road rides. Even if a little bit of mud does get stuck on the pedals, the larger surface area means your cleats won’t get obstructed when it’s time to clip in and out.

    A double weather-resistant seal ensures the pedals will withstand races and training rides in more challenging weather conditions. Whether the pedals are covered in debris or not, dual-sided entry lets you easily clip in your shoes.

    The pair weighs in at 340 grams, which is pretty light for carbon fiber off-road pedals. A six-degree float delivers a realistic ride feel while keeping your knees happy.

    These pedals work with SPD-style cleats and are best for cross country, cyclocross, gravel, off-road and commuting rides. They’re also covered by a two-year warranty.

  8. 8. Crankbrothers Doubleshot 3 Hybrid Bike Pedals

    • Eight adjustable pins maximize power transfer for improved performance
    • Double-sealed system minimizes contamination
    • Diamond plate pads keep your feet from sliding as you ride
    • On the heavier side
    • Can be tough to clip in
    • Takes awhile to fully break in

    If aggressive trail riding is your thing, you’ll want to set up these innovative hybrid pedals on your bike. One side is designed for clipping in with your two-bolt SPD shoes, while the other side is a flat pedal.

    The double-sided entry makes it easier to clip your feet into place as quickly as possible. Adverse riding conditions aren’t an issue, as the pedals feature a mud-shedding design that lets you lock in your shoes even if mud or other trail debris has accumulated on the pedals.

    An external seal joins the double-lipped seal from previous versions to further prevent contamination. Diamond plate pads keep your feet from sliding as you ride.

    These pedals are made with aluminum and have a wide 57 milimeter q-factor. The total weight is 403 grams per pair.

    Eight adjustable pins maximize power transfer for improved performance. These pedals come in several colors.

What Are the Best SPD Pedals for a Road Bike?

Virtually any SPD pedal will work on a road bike. If you're looking for maximum speed and performance, the SPD-SL pedal is a better choice. However, if you're just getting used to clipless pedals or you simply feel more comfortable using SPD pedals, go ahead and install them on your road bike. Once your pedals are in place, just remember to pair them with the appropriate cleats and shoes to complete the set. 

If you're considering SPD pedals for your road bike, it's important to know that they tend to be heavier and bulkier than SPD-SL or Look/Delta sets. However, it's often easier to twist your feet out and clip them in when stopping or starting. Since the three-bolt system is more popular among road cyclists, you'll have fewer options when it comes to picking out the right cycling shoe. In some cases, a lighter weight mountain bike shoe could work.

Which Is Better: SPD or SPD-SL?

SPD and SPD-SL are popular types of clipless pedal systems for cyclists. If you're new to the sport or are looking for a way to pedal with more control and power, a clipless pedal system is a solid choice. Clipless pedals involve locking your feet into the pedal using a specific type of shoe and accompanying cleat.

Clipless pedals aren't just reserved for experienced cyclists, as there's a wide range of pedals to choose from depending on your comfort level. This type of pedal is most common among road and mountain bikers, but many commuters also appreciate the versatility of a clipless pedal system.

Despite have a similar name, the SPD-SL is actually quite different from an SPD pedal. According to Dedham Bike, SPD-SL pedals are best when you're looking to maximize efficiency and aerodynamics while keeping excess weight to a minimum.

According to The Bike Shack, SPD stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. Nearly 80 percent of all pedals and shoes on the market today are SPD-compatible. The SPD pedal is a classic two-bolt system that's widely used in different settings. While SPD pedals and cleats tend to be especially prevalent in the world of mountain biking, they're often found on road and indoor cycling bikes. Shimano SPD pedals are particularly popular among mountain bikers, but there are plenty of other worthy brands to consider.

Compared to three-bolt Look/Delta cleat systems, the SPD is generally easier to clip into and out of, especially if you're coming up to a stoplight or a fallen branch on the trail. However, power transfer can be slightly reduced with an SPD pedal. If you're new to clipless pedals, SPD is the way to go. 

The SL in SPD-SL stands for Super Light. The SPD-SL is a three-bolt cleat, similar to the Look/Delta, and it's made of plastic to reduce weight. All SPD cleats are made of metal, which makes them heftier but a bit more robust than the SPD-SL pedal. This type of cleat is generally used for road riding and racing. SPD-SL pedals provide better transfer but they can be much harder to walk around off of the bike compared to SPD pedals.

What Is the Difference Between Clipless and SPD Pedals?

The term "clipless pedals" refers to a system of specific pedals and cleats. There are many different types of clipless pedals on the market, and SPD is one of them. Most clipless pedals are either SPD (two-bolt) or Look/Delta (three-bolt) compatible.

While SPD pedals are often used in mountain biking (especially the popular Shimano SPD pedals) as well as road cycling and spinning studios, the Look/Delta setup is most popular among road cyclists. Some indoor cycling studios, such as Peloton, have a Look/Delta setup, although two-bolt SPD pedals and cleats are more widely used for spinning.

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