Eagles Coach Tweaking His ‘World Championship’ Offense

Doug Pederson

Getty Doug Pederson guided the Eagles to a Super Bowl title in 2018 and is sticking with the "world championship" offense that got him there.

It’s been nearly three seasons since the Eagles hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. And the offensive blueprint for that world championship never left the building.

In fact, it drives everything that the Eagles do in the offseason and during training camp. As rumors of a “different” looking offense continue to swirl around the team, mainly due to the additions of second-round pick Jalen Hurts and new senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello, it’s important to remember what got them their lone Super Bowl title. Head coach Doug Pederson was quick to remind everyone about that during a video conference with reporters.

“But I think overall you’re not going to see big wholesale changes. We didn’t overhaul the entire offense,” Pederson said. “Keep in mind, this offense won a world championship a couple of seasons ago so we’re just finding ways to make it better at this time.”

Pederson may have been playing coy with the media and that point was belabored by the way he strategically placed his two Lombardi Trophies as the backdrop in his home office. In addition to leading the Eagles to Super Bowl glory, Pederson also earned a ring as a backup quarterback for the Packers in 1996.

But the 2020 Eagles aren’t living in the past. Not at all. Pederson admitted this year’s edition will have a few new wrinkles, subtle nuances that might not be noticeable to the “naked eye.” Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has been enjoying “detailed conversations” with all the offensive coaches, too, including Scangarello along with quarterbacks coach Press Taylor and pass game analyst Andrew Breiner.

“I don’t think from the naked eye you’re going to see a ton of different concepts, different ideas, different things from the naked eye,” Pederson said. “What you’re going to see from our standpoint are subtleties, you know, what we do as an offense. Protections, the play-action game, screens, even the run game but those are all things that we’re going to work on in training camp.”

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Eagles Position Coaches Submitting Progress Reports

It hasn’t been easy for many NFL teams to stay on task in this bizarre COVID-19 world. With Zoom video conferences and virtual workouts becoming the new normal, coaching staffs have had to trust their players to study their playbooks and put in the time at their home gyms.

The Eagles haven’t encountered any problems or obstacles, according to Pederson. He said that “guys are taking this thing seriously” and reported that the entire team participated in the voluntary workouts that began on April 27. He’s preparing as if training camp will start on time, without a hitch.

“I’m preparing like we’re going to be back in our building by training camp,” Pederson said. “Nothing has been determined, nothing has been said, obviously, but I’m preparing that way, to be back in the building hopefully by mid-July so we can be on the grass.”

The head coach also revealed that he has implemented a new system for position coaches to email or text him “one-line” progress reports on how the players are adapting. Pederson particularly applauded new wide receivers coach Aaron Moorehead for his ability to instruct guys on the mental part of the game.

“One of the things that I’ve required my staff to do is at the end of every week to email me or text me a one-liner on how the players are doing,” Pederson said. “On how are they understanding the information being taught and I think it’s a great gauge on how Aaron is doing. And he’s doing a great job because the guys are retaining, they are regurgitating the information, and spitting it back to him with confidence and ease.”

It’s an important side note considering the alarming inconsistency in the wide receivers room. Moorehead became the fifth new receivers coach in Pederson’s five-year reign. Hopefully, the revolving door has stopped.

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