Wild Reason Michael Jordan Took Magic Johnson’s Spot Revealed [VIDEO]

Getty Magic Johnson and Michael Jordon.

Michael Jordan is acknowledged as greatness personified.

Guided by head coach Phil Jackson, Jordan was the star of all six of the Chicago Bulls’ NBA championships in the 90s.

During the runs, MJ teamed up with Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr, Scott Burrell, Jason Caffey and other in the process of cementing his legacy in the Windy City and the NBA.

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What made MJ great? His will to win and his competitive mature has always been admired.

Michael Jordan hit a game-winner against Bryon Russell in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals which sealed the deal for the Bulls.

Jordan’s shot against the Jazz turned a one-point deficit into a one-point win for the Bulls who after the ’98 Finals did not return to the postseason again until 2005.

Bob Costas called that game via the NBA on NBC and he remembers it vividly. “It was such a classic jump shot,” Costas told me.

“And he held the form as if he were posing for a statue, that would be number one.”

Michael Jordan grabbed the baton from the greats before him like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Isiah Thomas and ran with it through the 90s.

Appearing on the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I discussed it further with retired NBA veteran Kenny Thomas.

While on the podcast, we discussed the business of MJ versus the business of Magic Johnson.

Check out a snippet from our dialogue below:

Kenny Thomas on the difference between Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan on the business side:

“Well, you really can’t draw the line because they are their own unique individuals when it comes to in basketball, you know what I mean?… it’s like you have basketball and then you have business. They have their own brands and what’s good for one brand, might not be good for the other brand. And the fact of being able to have Magic – we have the same business attorney. Ken Harris and Associates; Charlotte, North Carolina…just me being able to use Magic Johnson name is a blessing. But at the same time, I’m trying to figure out my own path and different things that I am trying to develop as far as using my brand through following his footsteps which is unreal and a blessing. It’s just – we’re sitting up here watching the ‘Last Dance’, and everything and we see Michael Jordan and Magic going at each other and its like, WOW! But at the same time he was the head of his era, but here’s Michael Jordan coming in and the young fella taking over. From that perspective, even on the USA team it’s just that the mad respect that Magic Johnson had playing on that team – it was just unreal. Like I don’t think a ten part series is good enough. We need more actually.”

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