Champ Rips Conor McGregor: ‘You Couldn’t Drop a Guy in a Pub!’

UFC's Conor McGregor


UFC superstar Conor McGregor retired last month, but that hasn’t kept other stars, some of which hail from entirely different sports, from calling out the Irishman on social media. The latest such blast came directly from WWE champion Drew McIntyre who seemed to take umbrage with the suggestion that McGregor might be headed into the pro wrestling world soon.

McIntyre tweeted, “Big man @TheNotoriousMMA picking a fight with ANOTHER 70 year old, you couldn’t drop a guy in a pub, you have no chance against Vince. You’re just the latest guy thinking he can have his PR team stick my title on his shoulder & walk into our world. Stick to whiskey McTapper.”

As far as smack talk goes, that’s some strong stuff which is exactly what should be expected from a pro wrestler at the top of his game like McIntyre.

“The Scottish Psychopath” managed to create intrigue in a potential McGregor vs. McIntyre WWE match while at the same time adeptly alluded to McGregor’s submission losses to Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov as well as the fighter’s strange attack on that elderly man last year in a Dublin pub.

And McIntyre did all that within the confines of the 280-character count of Twitter.

‘Match Made in Heaven’ Suggested by Triple H Caused Issue

McIntyre didn’t like McGregor’s recent social media post suggesting he could be crossing over into WWE soon for a match against WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

Nevermind that the match was already suggested by one of the company’s top executives Triple H who told TMZ Sports in May that he envisioned McGregor vs. McMahon as a “match made in heaven” that could potentially even include a storyline putting their billion-dollar walks on the line.

But McIntyre clearly doesn’t want McGregor in his world.

That, or maybe he does, and he’s trying to goad McGregor into making the move.

It’s hard to tell what’s real when pro wrestlers are involved.

McIntyre Pulled Same Move With Boxing Champion

McIntyre pulled the very same move in April with heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury.

After Fury congratulated McIntyre for becoming the first Britsh WWE champ in company history at WrestleMania 36, McIntyre blasted Fury during a podcast appearance the following week.

“It began with him – I guess – giving his predictions, and mentioning that he thinks I was going to win but that he could smash me and he’d be champion, or whatever,” McIntyre said. “I don’t know his exact words, because I don’t pay attention to it. A lot of people told me through text messages and social media, informing me that he called me out before WrestleMania.”

But those remarks by Fury have never surfaced, so either McIntyre made the part about Fury smashing him up or misunderstood them from someone trying to relay that information to him.

Again, it’s hard to tell what’s real in pro wrestling.

McIntyre could just be using McGregor and Fury to enhance his own brand or he could legitimately have beef with them.

Honestly, it could even be both those things at once, which is part of what makes pro wrestling stars like McIntyre so special but also incredibly difficult to report things about.

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