Falcons Star Not Ashamed to Take Advantage of Celebrity Status

Todd gurley

Getty Todd Gurley attends Haute Living and Rolls Royce Celebrate Todd Gurley Cover Launch.

Todd Gurley announced his arrival in Atlanta on Sunday and he’s already making his local media rounds.

ESPN’s Falcons beat reporter Vaughn McClure got to him first of course. The two discussed sponsorships and what Gurley can gain from his status as a pro athlete.

Gurley said before he purchases something he wants that’s relatively expensive such as a car, he will reach out to see if he can get it for free and create a sponsorship deal. If they end up saying then no he’ll sit on it for a year to make sure he really wants or “needs” it before making a spontaneous purchase.

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Not All NFL Players Blow Their Money on Fancy Things

When players sign these ridiculous NFL deals, most think they’re these hotshots and go off on a spending splurge instead of saving and investing for the future. They spend it on the newest hot rod on the market or some flashy designer jewelry.

Not Gurley though. He says his family comes first and he likes to really take his time when making a purchase.

Gurley didn’t have to buy his own car until his fourth season in the league. Dealerships sponsored him each year prior and he didn’t see the point in buying another car if he could only drive one.

So when he goes and asks for “free” things or is frugal, he’s doing it from a business standpoint and thinking about his future, not being greedy.

Gurley Is Mentoring His RB Replacement On & Off of the Field

Gurley is even going out of his way to show LA Ram’s rookie running back Cam Akers the ropes off the field as Gurley was once shown.

He won’t let what’s going on with him and the Rams owner get in the way of helping Akers succeed. And his goal isn’t to just show Akers on-field success but also the endless networking opportunities in LA off of the field as well.

“Just because of whatever I have going on with the Rams don’t make me upset or want to bash or downplay another man. He’s making his dream come true just like I made my dream come true in 2015,” Gurley said on an episode of  Uninterrupted podcast. “They went and got this kid in the second round so I just want to be able to tell him or show him early the way to move and then everything that comes with L.A. There’s so much opportunity out here.”

Gurley was once a rookie too but has had great mentors along the way and says he wants to give that back. Julio Jones has recently taken Gurley under his wings to show him even more opportunities.

Gurley Is Not the Only Frugal NFL Player

For a few years in his early career, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins crashed in his parent’s basement with his wife rent-free before buying his first house.

He also drove a dented GMC Savana passenger van at the time, he told the Wall Street Journal in 2016, that he bought from his grandma for $5,000.

It’s players like Cousins and Gurley who properly manage their money throughout their career and have a “plan B” so that it won’t matter if football comes to an end unexpectedly.

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