Todd Gurley is Mentoring His RB Replacement for the Rams

Todd Gurley

Getty Former running back Todd Gurley #30 of the Los Angeles Rams.

Todd Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams may have their own beef right now since Gurley still hasn’t gotten his money they owe him, but that won’t keep him from helping a rookie.

Gurley, who is now the starting running back for the Atlanta Falcons joined the Uninterrupted podcast and discussed why he wants to be a mentor for Rams’ second-round pick Cam Akers, despite being on different teams.

On & Off of the Field

Gurley won’t let what’s going on with him and the Rams owner get in the way of helping Akers succeed. His goal isn’t to just show Akers on-field success but also the endless networking opportunities in LA off of the field as well.

“Just because of whatever I have going on with the Rams don’t make me upset or want to bash or downplay another man. He’s making his dream come true just like I made my dream come true in 2015,” Gurley said in a recent episode. “They went and got this kid in the second round so I just want to be able to tell him or show him early the way to move and then everything that comes with L.A. There’s so much opportunity out here.”

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Gurley’s Replacement

Akers is joining the Rams with the potential to be the team’s primary starter. Gurley is nothing but excited for the former Florida State star as he fills the running back void since the Rams released Gurley in March.

“Obviously he’s got to focus on the field and stuff like that, and that’s going to take care of itself,” he said. “He’s going to be with a great offense, he’s going to be making plays. He’s got JG, he’s got Robert Woods, he’s got Cooper Kupp. So he’s got the opportunity right there in front of him, so I just want him to maximize it and take off, really.”

Making Akers Even Better

Gurley currently resides in LA until the Falcons’ facility can open up again, so it’s a perfect time to give back to his community and show Akers the right path to follow even earlier than he did.

“He’s going to be a running back in the L.A. market, he’s going to be scoring touchdowns, he’s going to be making plays, so I want him to be able to be on the same type of thing I was on – but even more and on an earlier stage,” Gurley said. “Everyone’s talking a big game saying they’re going to do this or do that – it’s just about helping the youth whether they made it or not. Just like when people go back in the community and do community work. How about reaching out to the guy that’s coming up that just got drafted or the guy that don’t know anything and tell him because he just made his dream come true, so it’s like, why not make this guy even better?”

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