Bears WRs Have Telling Thoughts About Trubisky vs Foles Competition

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Getty Mitchell Trubisky and Anthony Miller of the Bears had quite the fourth quarter last week.

The Chicago Bears‘ quarterback competition is officially underway, with both Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles throwing to route-running receivers for the first time this week. It’s far too early to say who will ultimately become the team’s leader under center, but after wide receivers Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller spoke to the media Friday, it’s clear the team is glad to have a veteran like Foles around, but it’s equally clear the team still fully supports Trubisky.

Robinson and Miller noted how healthy the competition for the starting job is, saying Trubisky and Foles have both maintained excellent attitudes and an impressive work ethic throughout training camp so far. Both wideouts also shared their first impressions of Foles, as well as what they ultimately want to see from the guy who wins the job.

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Allen Robinson on Trubisky vs Foles…

The Athletic’s Adam Jahns asked Robinson if he saw anything different about Trubisky so far in team practices and after working out with him all summer. Robinson answered in the affirmative.

“I’m not a quarterback coach or anything, so it’s hard to tell; I don’t really know mechanics and stuff like that,” he said. “But you know, just as far as how you see him move around, how he throws the ball as far as … being more confident in everything,” Robinson said, adding that Trubisky is seeing things better and playing a bit faster — which is a good sign.

When asked what he thought about Foles so far, A-Rob noted he was impressed with the veteran and what he brings to the table. “He’s a really good teammate,” Robinson said. “He’s a competitor, just all-around good player. I said it this spring and summer — you bring high-character guys in the locker room, that’s always a good thing for the team.”

Robinson has been a supporter of Trubisky’s in the past, and when he was asked if he had a preference about who won the job, his answer was selfless and true to his character: “At the end of the day, it’s not about who’s best for me, it’s about who’s best for the team,” Robinson said about the competition, adding: “Both of those guys are great teammates.”

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Anthony Miller on Trubisky vs Foles…

Head coach Matt Nagy was detailing the things he wanted Trubisky to improve after the team’s disappointing 8-8 season was over last year, and the first words out of Nagy’s mouth were about decision-making, which has been something Trubisky has been repeatedly criticized for. “Number one is going to be — we talked about decision-making, but I want him to be a master at understanding coverages, you know?” Nagy said in December.

So when Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune asked Miller what he wanted from his starting quarterback, Miller’s response was pretty telling. “I just want a guy that takes control, makes the right decisions when it’s time for him to make them, you know, a leader out there,” Miller began. “That’s what we need at that position.” Miller mentioning decision-making specifically is significant, because it’s not something Foles has been heavily criticized for — but Trubisky has.

Still, Miller was complimentary of both quarterbacks. “Both guys, I can tell you, are working really hard out there, even in walkthroughs,” he said.

Miller then shared his first impressions of Foles. “You can definitely tell that Nick has been playing this game for a long time. He knows this offense very well, and he’s very detailed in practice. You can catch him in the back of offensive plays going through his progressions, and he’s not even in [the play],” Miller said. “That’s just the type of player he is. I can’t wait to see him live action.”

Miller seemed to be far more excited to play with Foles, but ultimately, like Robinson, he just wants the most deserving man to win.

“The best man’s gonna get the job,” Miller said.

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