WATCH: Dan Quinn Mic’d Up at Falcons Training Camp

Dan quinn

Getty Head coach Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was mic’d up at training camp last week and this is the next best thing since fans can’t attend camps this season.

It sounds like Quinn isn’t messing around this season when it comes to speed.

Falcons Are In Fantastic Shape

Due to restricted travel and being quarantined this offseason, there wasn’t really much else to do for these players except work out.

Dan Quinn said his guys looked to be in “fantastic shape” the first week of training camp.

“There are a number of players that are in fantastic shape,” Quinn told team reporter Will McFadden. “They just devoted this time to training and going, so there wasn’t a normal break for summer vacation and the normal rotation for an NFL player and coach. They’ve been training hard. Most players coming into the training camp, it certainly sounds like they are in excellent shape.”

One player who seemed to stand out the most was defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.

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There Are High Expectations for 2020

The Falcons finished two consecutive seasons with a 7-9 record—a record that wasn’t good enough to make it to playoffs.

Quinn and Falcons’ general manager, Thomas Dimitroff, have high expectations for this season—aka they don’t want to get fired.

“I believe that we are in a really good spot,” Dimitroff said on the Bird Noice podcast. “Of course… there are high expectations coming into this season. Everyone knows that. No one is shying away from that. Dan and myself included.”

Dimitroff Believes in Quinn

Atlanta lost some valuable assets to free agency including three Pro Bowlers; tight end Austin Hooper, Devonta Freeman, and defensive end Vic Beasley. They also let leading tackler De’Vondre Campbell explore new options.

While the Falcons may have lost some top talent, Dimitroff believes they did a great job of finding their replacements in Hayden Hurst, Dante Fowler, and Marlon Davidson.

Dimitroff also believes in Quinn and his ability to turn their consecutive 7-9 seasons around and says he’s been working his tail off this offseason without letting the limitations get in his way.

“Dan has done a helluva a job in this offseason, his coaching staff as well,” Dimitroff said on the Bird Noice podcast. “As you can imagine, there is not a more competitive or directed guy than Dan. He does it with a smile and an upbeat attitude. Which I love. It’s not contrived. It’s authentic and those guys appreciate it.”

What Happens If Quinn Tests Positive?

The Falcons are taking all necessary precautions heading into this abnormal football season.

They have even come up with a game plan if Dan Quinn tests positive for the coronavirus.

Quinn announced earlier this month that linebacker coach Jeff Ulbrich would step into his shoes and Bob Sutton would assist him if he were to be quarantined. This way works best so that Raheem Morris and Dirk Koetter can focus on their main priorities as the defensive and offensive coordinator.

If Quinn tests positive during the season he would need to be quarantined for two weeks and test negative twice before returning to the facility.

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