Falcons Might Not See Fans Until Week 5

Matt Ryan

Getty Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons, along with Atlanta United who shares Mercedes-Benz Stadium, announced on Monday that all home games in September will be played with no fans in attendance.

“The health and safety of our fans is our top priority,” said Steve Cannon, CEO, AMB Sports and Entertainment said in a statement.  “As much as we want to bring our Falcons and Atlanta United fans together at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, their safety and wellbeing, and that of our associates, the competitors, officials and game staff, and our community as a whole will always come first. After thoughtful consideration and collaboration, it became clear to us that adhering to the guidance by national and local health officials was the right decision.”

The Falcons are scheduled to kick off the season against the Seahawks at home Sept. 13 and the Bears on Sept. 27. The Falcons will play a total of four games without fans before changes are made.

No Fans & Home-Field Advantage

An NFL season without fans at every game is going to be very weird and harder to focus.

What’s not fair is that the league is doing it on a state-by-state policy. Some teams will have fans and some won’t.

Teams being able to have fans attend their games is definitely a major home-field advantage. Fans are what makes football so great and give the players adrenaline they need when they’re down at the half.

Without such loud crowds, the other team might be able to hear plays being called. Even kicking a field goal in a quiet stadium could mess with the player’s head since they’re used to such craziness, according to Hall of Fame kicker Morten Andersen.

Fans and players will have to be aware that fan attendance can change at any time during the pandemic, so they must take the guidelines.

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Falcons Schedule Is Hard Enough With Fans

As if the Falcons schedule wasn’t already hard enough with fans, it looks a lot harder now.

Atlanta is getting tested right out of the gave facing the Seahawks at home. Then they’re away the following week where they’ll play Cowboys who are expected to have fans at every home game. It’ll be crucial for the Falcons to bring their ‘A’ game come September 13 if they want to defeat the divisional champs.

In the middle of the season, there’s some hope for relaxation, but it’s no tea party. Seeing arch-nemesis, Drew Brees twice in two weeks isn’t the best scenario.

The last stretch gets even worse. The Falcons will play Tom Brady and the Bucs at home and then the reigning Super Bowl champs away and ends with meeting Tom Brady again in Tampa.

The Chiefs are practically the same team as they were last season and already predicted to have another Super Bowl bid.

This season will be a huge test not only for the Falcons, but for all other 31 teams who had a virtual offseason, zero preseason, and now, possibly no fans until next year. Let’s just be nice to each other.

New Orleans sucks.

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