Bubble Hockey: 5 Best Tables for Family Fun

If you’ve ever played bubble hockey before, I don’t need to tell you how addicting and entertaining it is. And if you’ve never played, you need to find out. So we’ve compiled a list below of the some of the most popular bubble hockey tables to help make your decision easier.

Unlike air hockey tables, which obviously run by fan-generated air, bubble hockey — sometimes also known as dome hockey — works more like foosball, where you have handled levers to control the players.

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What is the Best Bubble Hockey Table Under $1,000?

We like the Carrom Super Stick Bubble Hockey Table, which has the look, playability, and durability of a top-notch table model.

Carrom, widely known in the dome hockey world, packs a lot into this table. It has a black marble, wear-resistant Melamine cabinet with heavy black vinyl legs with legs boots. The playing surface is 1/4 inch thick tempered Masonite with coated graphics. The dome is made of shatterproof polycarbonate. 

The electronic scoring unit lights up with arcade sound after each goal. You can reset it any time and it will shut down automatically after a couple idle minutes. 

The fiberglass rods are built to provide smooth control and longevity. The players themselves are hand-painted to are designed to minimize wear and tear. You can also pick up new sets of Carrom stick hockey players. The game also comes with two pucks.

It comes fully assembled except for the legs and scoreboard.


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