Chiefs Fan Claims Kadarius Toney Broke His Ankle ‘1600 Miles Away’

Kadarius Toney

Getty Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Kadarius Toney was all smiles during the 2023 Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs only made one major trade at the deadline in 2022, acquiring wide receiver/returner Kadarius Toney from the New York Giants. In the end, that was all KC needed to win a Super Bowl — and Toney was certainly integral to them doing so.

Toney only caught one pass from Patrick Mahomes II during the 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, but it was a five-yard touchdown reception where he made the cornerback covering him look silly with a dynamic motion-route off the line of scrimmage — later referred to as “corn dog.” Of course, he also made one of the biggest plays of the game, returning a fourth quarter punt 65 yards to set up the Chiefs on a 14-point swing in a matter of seconds.

During the return, the ever-shifty Toney made several Eagles tacklers miss, and the game-changing moment caused so much excitement that it even caused a Chiefs fan to accidentally rupture his Achilles while celebrating. The crazy-but-hilarious story came out after KC Sports Network asked the Kingdom “how have you been celebrating today” on February 13.

The KC diehard by the name of Tim Roser shared an unexpected response, voicing: “7 hours in urgent care. Kadarius Toney’s punt return was breaking ankles 1600 miles away, I ruptured my Achilles’ tendon celebrating that play last night.” Rest assured, Roser included a smiling photo despite rocking crutches and a booted foot/leg. He also confirmed that the injury was “totally worth it!”

NFL Insider Jokes That Chiefs Traded Kadarius Toney for Ryan Poles

The Toney trade already looks like a total steal. Not only did it end up being exactly what Kansas City needed after the Mecole Hardman injury, but it’s also perfect for the future considering the former first-round selection is under contract through 2024 — and pretty darn affordable too.

During a post-Super Bowl article with Sports Illustrated, NFL insider Albert Breer revisited the Toney trade, and he pointed out a really comical observation that makes the entire situation look even better for the Chiefs.

“Interesting note on the Kadarius Toney trade,” Breer detailed. “The third-round pick the Chiefs sent the Giants for the 2021 first-round pick was actually the [compensation] pick that Kansas City got for [executive] Ryan Poles landing the [Chicago] Bears GM job. So, effectively, that trade was Poles and a sixth-round pick for Toney, which illustrates the rich-get-richer dynamic at play with the comp picks going to teams that have diverse coaches and scouts plucked away by other organizations.”

Ah yes, the rewards for NFL excellence sure are sweet.

Patrick Mahomes Says Ankle Injury Could Impact Golf Game but Won’t Affect Chiefs’ Offseason Schedule

During their final media availability in Arizona before heading back to Kansas City on February 13, Mahomes told reporters that his high ankle sprain “won’t limit” his typical offseason preparation (per ESPN’s Adam Teicher).

The Chiefs QB even joked that “the only thing that might take a hit is my golf game.”

Mahomes also spoke on the idea of “keeping receipts” after a large number of analysts and media pundits had Kansas City losing the AFC West, and in some cases, missing the playoffs entirely in 2022.

“It’s hard not to hear that stuff,” Mahomes replied via USA Today reporter Charles Goldman. “You hear how not good we’re going to be. All you can do is prove it on the football field… Once you do that, there’s nothing they can really say.”

Mahomes did just that, taking it all after many doubted him and his teammates. Not only did he win another Lombardi Trophy for Kansas City, but he also secured his second NFL MVP as a runaway winner and his second Super Bowl MVP.

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing when everyone doubts the Chiefs.