Jeanie Buss’ Creepy Tweets at Kevin Durant, Kevin Love Resurface Online

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss with Michael Jordan.

Over the years, people are starting to become a lot more careful with what they post on social media, especially Twitter. Many people have gotten in hot water due to old tweets resurfacing. The fact that famous people don’t go back and scrub their accounts seems baffling but it consistently happens. Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss probably should’ve learned from others as now some of her old tweets are making a comeback online.

Prior to taking over the Lakers from her father in 2013, Buss tweeted out a number of messages regarding the appearances of players around the NBA. She was a big fan of Kevin Love in 2009 and suggested that he may have replaced “Tony Parker as hottest guy in NBA” at the time.

That wasn’t the last time she tweeted about the former UCLA star’s appearance.

She’s also a big fan of former Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

Apparently, she screamed at Odom to “take your pants off” when he checked into a game in 2009.

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Buss Loves Kevin Durant’s Long Arms

There’s nothing inherently controversial about Buss’ tweets but it is a little creepy, especially a tweet she made about superstar forward Kevin Durant. She’s a really big fan of his long arms and compared them to Buss’ ex-boyfriend and former Lakers coach Phil Jackson. She said those long arms “come in handy,” whatever that means.

Durant is 6-foot-10 but has the wingspan of a man who is 7-foot-5. So yes, he does indeed have long arms. Not even Chris Paul was safe from Buss as she referred to him as a “cutie.”

As of now, Buss hasn’t deleted any of these tweets. She isn’t overly active on Twitter so perhaps she’s unaware of their existence. Regardless, it would likely be wise to go through and scrub some content from her account as not even tweets made 13 years ago are safe.

Buss Recently ‘Stood up’ to LeBron James

Buss is a respected owner in the NBA and some silly tweets from a long time ago won’t change that. She’s running the most popular franchise in the NBA and helped get the team a championship in 2020. This season hasn’t gone according to plan and cracks are starting to show.

Superstar forward LeBron James recently turned some heads during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend by commenting on Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti and suggesting he’d be willing to go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to Bill Simmons, Buss had to put her foot down.

“Jeanie Buss is a tough lady, man. She’s been in the league since the early eighties and I think at some point she stood up to those guys and was like, ‘No, stop. You don’t get to undermine all this,” Simmons said. “Stop. You’re here. You’re under contract next year. What are we doing?’ and I think they had a powwow, that’s what I heard. But I think she stood up for at least something. For them to unwind last week and pretend they weren’t chaos agents was really strange.”

Buss has a tough test ahead of her as things are getting chaotic. It will be interesting to see how she navigates these waters.

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