Analyst Uses Dodgers’ World Series to Throw Shade at Lakers, LeBron James

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

In a year when it looked like the NBA and MLB wouldn’t be able to finish their season, Los Angeles thrived. Both the Lakers and Dodgers are coming back to the city as champions. Unfortunately, there are still haters out there.

Despite enduring a brutal stay in a bubble, the Lakers and LeBron James were able to power through and win the NBA Finals. They pretty much went through a lot of the same stuff the Dodgers had to go through to get to the championship. In fact, what the NBA had to do was likely more difficult. That’s didn’t stop Skip Bayless was using the Dodgers’ victory to throw shade at the Lakers.

Bayless never passes up on a chance to hit the Lakers since they signed LeBron. He believes their title has an asterisk on it because they didn’t have to go through the Clippers. It’s not the Lakers’ fault that the Clippers had an epic meltdown. The purple and gold did their job and should be commended for it.

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Other Analyst Takes Shot at LeBron

Los Angeles is the city of stars and the Lakers and Dodgers have plenty of them. LeBron and Mookie Betts are the faces of their teams and the city has embraced both of them. However, one analyst believes that Betts is already is a better fit in Los Angeles.

There’s no doubt that Betts has quickly become a huge star in Los Angeles but LeBron is no slouch either. He just brought the Lakers a championship in a year that saw the death of team legend Kobe Bryant. That’s earned LeBron an enormous amount of clout in the city. Betts is going to be around for a lot longer but LeBron has already cemented his legacy. Betts and LeBron are without a doubt the two biggest sports icons in the city right now.

L.A. Mayor Doesn’t Want Joint Parades

Speaking of the city, the fans and players want a parade. Some players want the Lakers and Dodgers to do it jointly.

That would be an exciting event for a city that has dealt with a lot of adversity this year. Unfortunately, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti doesn’t sound like he wants the two teams to do their parades together.

“I definitely intend to have the opportunity for Angelenos to celebrate the Lakers and, on their own day, the Dodgers,” Garcetti told The Los Angeles Times.

Garcetti even threw out an idea for how the teams could celebrate.

“Stick them up at the observatory,” he said, “and watch them preside over the town as champions.”

Garcetti went on to express how much the Lakers and Dodgers winning titles in the same year means to the city.

“There are a few things that comprise our DNA in L.A.: sand, sunshine, the Lakers and Dodger blue,” Garcetti said. “To have two of them come through, to give us the joy we so badly need this year, is really exceptional.”

“They’ll never be a month like this,” Garcetti said, “just as we hope there is never a year like this.”

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