Joey Logano Responds to Kyle Busch’s ‘A******’ Comments After LA Spin

Joey Logano

Getty Joey Logano (left) prepares for the Busch Light Clash.

There have been multiple instances in the few seasons where Kyle Busch has said that Joey Logano is “two-faced.” Now the reigning NASCAR Cup Series explained that he is this way because “nice guys finish last.”

Logano provided the comments during his SiriusXM NASCAR Radio show, “Behind the Wheel With Joey Logano.” He acknowledged that he made a mistake that led to him hitting Busch and spinning the No. 8 Chevrolet. Logano then continued and detailed why he has to flip the proverbial switch when he climbs into the car.

“I have a switch that I flip when it is time to go racing,” Logano said. “I am out there to win, and yes, I have to do what I gotta do to win. I made a mistake. I didn’t want to do that, but I am still going to be an intense racer, no matter what.

“In Kyle’s words, I’m not a complete a-hole all the time. That’s better than being an a-hole 100% of the time when I’m in the race car. So, yes, that’s where I’m at with it. Am I two-faced? I agree with him 100%. There is nothing wrong with that.”

As Logano said, he “has a job to do” when he goes to the track. He represents all of the people at Team Penske who expect him to win. If he’s nice, he may not achieve this goal because “nice guys finish last.”

Kyle Busch Made the Comments After Finishing 3rd in LA

Joey Logano

GettyJoey Logano watches heat races at the LA Memorial Coliseum.

Busch and Logano haven’t seen eye-to-eye throughout their time competing in the NASCAR Cup Series. There have been fights, conflicts on the track, and strong comments made during interviews.

Busch previously called Logano “two-faced” during an appearance on the “I AM ATHLETE” episode that aired on May 17, 2021. He said that the driver of the No. 22 Ford is a nice guy away from the track but that he flips the a****** switch on the back of his helmet when he climbs into his stock car.

The most recent comments came after Logano wrecked Busch at the LA Memorial Coliseum. The driver of the No. 8 told media members in his post-race press conference that he owes Logano “a few” after the latest on-track incident. He also provided expanded comments to SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

“It’s really unfortunate to be raced by guys that are so two-faced,” Busch said. “You know, we were in the TV booth earlier in the night together, and when we were all done with that, he was like, ‘Hey, good luck tonight.’ I’m like, ‘Ok, great, thanks.’

“Yeah, whatever, and then lo and behold, he wrecks me. Don’t even talk to me if you’re going to be that kind of a****** on the racetrack.”

The Comments Have Led to Jokes in Previous Seasons

When Busch called Logano two-faced during his appearance on “I AM ATHLETE,” it generated a lot of headlines. It also created questions about how the two drivers would interact in the future.

Logano actually used one opportunity to make a joke. He had to call Busch over the radio while serving as an analyst for an Xfinity Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, and he started the interaction by saying that he “had his good face on.”

Apart from that interaction over the radio, the two-faced comments didn’t lead to any additional friction on the track. The two champions continued to race each other hard while battling for wins.

This should only continue into the 2023 season. Busch and Logano will remain favorites to win at multiple tracks, and they will likely be around each other numerous times. Now the only question remaining is, will the incident during the Busch Light Clash affect how hard they race each other?

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