MotorTrend+ Announces Return of ‘Top Gear America’

Top Gear America

povipullinen Top Gear America will return for a second season in July.

MotorTrend is kicking off the Fourth of July weekend with the return of “Top Gear America.” The automotive show starring Dax Shepard, Jethro Bovingdon, and Rob Corddry will kick off its second season and put a love of motorsports back on full display.

MotorTrend announced the news on May 12 with a press release. The company said that the show will return for its second season with a two-episode premiere set in the western United States. The first will take place in Butte, Mont., with a challenge inspired by Evel Knievel. The second will focus on electric vehicles in Seattle, Wash.

“No series better captures the boundless joy and raw American take on the automotive universe like what we have with Dax, Rob, and Jethro on ‘Top Gear America,’” said Alex Wellen, Global President and General Manager, MotorTrend Group. “Their brotherhood is authentic and their passion for driving any car under the sun is contagious. Buckle up for a thrilling new season packed bumper-to-bumper with the most exquisite cars on the ultimate American road trip.”

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The Challenges & Fast Cars Will Return

Top Gear America

MotorTrendTop Gear America hosts prepare for a challenge

The first season of “Top Gear America” featured a wide variety of vehicles. There were luxurious SUVs, old work trucks, supercars, and even a Honda from the IndyCar Series. One episode even featured a Dodge Charger sliding around an old dirt track while Shepard compared it to the cars competing in NASCAR.

This trend will continue during the second season of “Top Gear America.” The first episode, in particular, will feature three vehicles with listed top speeds above 200 mph. This mark is important considering that Shepard, Corddry, and Bovingdon had the goal of hitting 200 mph outside of Butte, Mont.

The second episode will feature the hosts heading to the Pacific Northwest to determine what an executive would drive if he wanted to go electric. This episode will feature the all-electric 2021 Porsche Taycan, the Volvo Polestar 2, and the very non-electric Rolls Royce Ghost.

MotorTrend+ Hosts Several NASCAR Series

The first two seasons of “Top Gear America” will be available on MotorTrend+, the subscription streaming service dedicated entirely to the motoring world. The service runs $4.99 per month and features more than 8,100 episodes of automotive content.

The list of available options includes multiple projects focused on the world of NASCAR. There is “NASCAR 2020: Under Pressure,” which focused on the COVID-altered 2020 Cup Series season. There is also “Blink of an Eye,” the documentary that focused on Michael Waltrip and his friendship with the late Dale Earnhardt.

Another option is “NASCAR All In: Battle for Daytona.” This documentary series followed three drivers — Austin Dillon, Tyler Reddick, and Corey LaJoie — as they and their teams prepared for the 2020 Daytona 500.

Rounding out the NASCAR-themed projects is “Michael Waltrip Racing: A New Era.” This 11-episode series focused on Waltrip as he set out to form his own team, partner with Toyota, and compete in the biggest races on the schedule.

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