Pitbull’s New Album Title Highlights NASCAR’s Underdogs

Getty Pitbull performs at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Pitbull announced on April 24 that his new album will have a familiar name for NASCAR fans. “Trackhouse” will drop on July 7 as the platinum-selling artist tries to unite music and race fans alike.

Pitbull met with media members on April 26 and provided some insight into his decision to name his newest album after the NASCAR Cup Series team he co-owns with Justin Marks. He explained that Trackhouse’s move into NASCAR as an underdog runs parallel to his own music career. He wanted to highlight that while also bringing people together.

“Well, the whole initiative when we got together with Trackhouse was all about uniting people and also creating awareness for Trackhouse and also for the sport in NASCAR,” Pitbull explained on April 26. “So I feel that music is a universal language. It unites, it doesn’t divide.

“And it’s the same way that you could utilize the race car and how everybody loves racing. So you put them together, and that’s, to me, what it’s all about. How do we find different ways — unconventional, untraditional ways — to be able to create awareness, unite people, bring them out to the tracks where they have fun and enjoy?”

Pitbull Did Not Choose This Title as a ‘Promotional Stunt’

GettyPitbull performs in Southern California in December 2022.

There are multiple reasons why Pitbull could have chosen to have the NASCAR team name as the title of his upcoming album. He shared some of them while also making it clear that this is not just some promotional stunt.

“This right here is about making history,” Pitbull continued. “It’s generational. It’s about creating a legacy, having fun doing it with entertainment, and putting the two stories together because — like I said before — they coincide.

“It’s all about constantly fighting, proving everybody wrong. It’s that underdog mentality that nothing is something, and that’s where it just all aligned.”

To further his point about the underdog mentality, Pitbull noted how people try to “paint a pretty picture” of how easy everything is in a world of instant gratification. He and Trackhouse Racing have both seen firsthand that this isn’t the case. It takes a lot of hard work and time to achieve success, which goes back to the underdog mentality and his album.

This Album Will Take Over a Cup Series Race

The “Trackhouse” album has similarities to the Cup Series team, and it tells the stories of grinders and underdogs. Now, one of those underdogs will put the album artwork on display while pursuing his second career win.

Daniel Suarez will head to Dover Motor Speedway on April 29-30 with a special scheme on his No. 99 Chevrolet Camaro. He will have Freeway Insurance as his primary partner, but he will not have the standard blue, green, and white design.

This Freeway Insurance scheme will have pictures of Pitbull on the sides. The hood will feature the album art of “Trackhouse,” which features the performer wearing his jacket with the Cup Series team’s logo as well as the two full-time entries that compete.

Suarez will showcase the special scheme as he makes his 11th career start at the Monster Mile. In his 10 previous starts at the one-mile track, he has posted five top-10 finishes and one top-five. His best result was third overall behind Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer in the 2018 spring race.

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