Patriots Linked to Disgruntled RB Seeking Trade

Getty Raheem Mostert

Are Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots done adding veterans to the team’s offense? There are some who don’t believe they should be. In fact, the Patriots have been linked to disgruntled San Francisco 49ers running back, Raheem Mostert.

The 28-year-old who broke out for the 49ers in 2019 is reportedly asking his team to trade him. Mostert’s agent Brett Tessler took to Twitter and made his client’s desire to be traded public.

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Patriots Listed as a Potential Suitor for Raheem Mostert

Cody Williams of NFL FanSided listed the Patriots as the top team that should have an interest in Mostert, even ahead of the Chicago Bears, Washington, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Williams wrote:

Even with the addition of Cam Newton recently, the Patriots are still likely to rely heavily on the running game. But the truth is that the combination of Sony Michel, James White, and Rex Burkhead can be fine, yet they don’t move the needle a tremendous amount. Raheem Mostert, however, would. His ability to take it to the house whenever the ball touches his hands could be a rich asset for the Patriots offense. Moreover, his versatility would pair Newton with a player who would be at least similar to what Christian McCaffrey offered him in Carolina, thus maximizing their investment at quarterback.

Should the Patriots Be Interested in Mostert, and at What Cost?

Mostert isn’t the ideal age for a running back, however, by NFL standards he should be a young 28. Because he bounced around so much earlier in his career, he doesn’t have a lot of wear on his tires.

He’s had just 178 regular-season carries in his career, and 137 of them came last year. That said, the Patriots’ running back is already crowded. Sony Michel is battling some leg injuries, but he’s still expected to be the starting running back. There’s James White, Damien Harris, whom the team drafted in 2019, Rex Burkhead, Branden Bolden, and intriguing rookie, J.J. Taylor. Unless the Patriots were shipping one of those guys to the 49ers along with a sixth or seventh-round pick, and that might be too much for a guy who never rushed for 1,000 yards in a season.

Williams has a point when he mentions Mostert’s playmaking ability. Giving Newton weapons is easily the best potential setup for the upcoming season. However, the Patriots must be careful shipping away too many draft assets even if they are late-round picks.

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