Raiders Defender Has Perfect Reaction to Patrick Mahomes’ New Contract

patrick mahomes

Getty Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

If you still have nightmares about Patrick Mahomes putting up four touchdowns in a single quarter against the Raiders, you better get used to it. The Kansas City Chiefs officially locked up the quarterback for the next 12 years and there’s no reason to believe he won’t be a force in every single one of those seasons. Not only is the contract for a lot of years, but it’s also one of the richest in sports history.

Mahomes will be earning over half a billion dollars before he calls it a quits. Raiders safety Erik Harris, who has been a victim of Mahomes’ before, had a perfect reaction to the news.

Quarterbacks are making some serious cash these days and there will no doubt be a lot of young footballers who try to imitate the Super Bowl MVP.

Raiders Can Beat Chiefs Without Stopping Mahomes

While it’s not a surprise the Chiefs locked up Mahomes for a long time, it is a sobering reminder for the Raiders that they are going to have to deal with a powerhouse in Kansas City for a long time. However, not all hope is lost. It’s no secret that every team in the AFC West is going to build their rosters around the idea of beating the Chiefs.

The best way to beat Mahomes is to make sure he’s not on the field. The Raiders have a star running back in Josh Jacobs and an elite offensive line. In Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season, the silver and black executed a perfect gameplan against the Chiefs for the first quarter. They were up 10-0 until the wheels fell off in the second quarter. That said, they did shut Mahomes down for the third and fourth quarters. Even though they lost the game, the Raiders figured out a way to be effective against Kansas City.

Now, they just need to execute that same gameplan over the entirety of the game as Mahomes will make you pay with even the slightest mistake. The Raiders head into 2020 with much more talent, especially on defense. If Henry Ruggs is as good as advertised, the team could have close to an elite offense. The Raiders are probably still a year away from being true contenders for the AFC West title, but they are on a good trajectory and the Chiefs will probably get worse before they get better.

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Chiefs Will Lose Key Players Due to Money

The Chiefs were the best team in the NFL last season and they locked up their best player for a long time. However, they didn’t only win a Super Bowl because of Mahomes. They had Pro Bowl defenders like Chris Jones and Frank Clark. Based on Mahomes’ contract, it’s hard to imagine they will have the money to sign Jones to a long-term deal.

That’s probably just going to be the first player they have to lose due to the lack of cap space. Now, that’s not to say the Chiefs are never going to have good players outside of Mahomes but it is to say that they are going to have a hard time retaining elite talent after rookie contracts end. As long as they have Mahomes, Kansas City will be a threat to win the Super Bowl. That said, it’s hard to imagine them being able to put together a roster as talented as the 2019 one.

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