Ranking Patriots’ QB Depth in the NFL

Getty Newton, Stidham, and Hoyer

Cam Newton inking a deal with the New England Patriots has been all about the former MVP taking over as the starter, but not much discussion has gone into the increased depth his arrival creates.

If Newton does become the starter, the Patriots might have one of the strongest 1-3 depth charts at QB in the NFL.

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QB Depth Throughout the NFL

Take a look at the league’s QBs on this chart from Bleacher Report’s Marcus Mosher:

Where Do the Patriots’ QBs Rank?

Quite honestly, the New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys have to be considered at the top of the list, but from there, the Patriots could easily be in the next tier. If Newton is healthy, Jarrett Stidham is prepared to at the very least be a professional NFL quarterback, and Brian Hoyer is who he has been throughout his career, I’d put the Patriots at the top of that next group.

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The New York Jets are an interesting group with the promising Sam Darnold starting, the aging Joe Flacco, and the underrated James Morgan as the third-stringer.

Will Newton Win the Job?

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t expect for Newton to win the starting job. Stidham is going to come into whatever is salvaged of a training camp ready to compete, but it would appear the odds are against him based on his lack of overall experience.

Longtime NFL Analyst Greg Cosell all but guaranteed Newton would be the starting quarterback on a recent episode of The Ross Tucker Podcast:

Barring an injury to Newton or a complete flop by the former NFL MVP (which feels highly unlikely) Stidham’s time will come in 2021. Still, any time he gets to sit and watch Newton will only make him all the more prepared if he is pressed into action. Hoyer is an ever-ready option who isn’t a top-notch starter, but you know what you get if he’s under center. He won’t turn the ball over, and he’ll give your team a chance to win every Sunday.

There aren’t a lot of teams in the NFL who can say that about their third-string quarterback.

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