Seahawks Legend Richard Sherman Blasts Quarterback Draft Pick

Getty Richard Sherman is not a fan of the Falcons' Michael Penix pick.

The always-outspoken Richard Sherman has made it known that he’s not in favor of a selection the NFC foe Atlanta Falcons made in the 2024 NFL draft.

On the April 29 episode of ESPN’s “Undisputed,” the Seattle Seahawks legend voiced exactly why he opposed the Falcons taking quarterback Michael Penix Jr. with their first pick at No. 8. Sherman made it clear it was nothing against Penix and more against Atlanta.

“I’m in Seattle, Washington, so we get to see a lot of [Penix],” said Sherman. “The world got to see a lot of him because [the Washington Huskies] went to the National Championship. He led that team, he led college football in passing. He’s a phenomenal player and deserved to get picked at that spot. It just wasn’t the right team. I don’t understand the team that picked him. I understand the quality of player he is. He’s definitely a top-10 pick, he should’ve been.”

“But if you’re the Atlanta Falcons, you have other holes in this roster,” Sherman said. “If you would’ve taken Rome Odunze, people would’ve applauded you. If you would’ve taken a tackle, we would’ve understood that. If they would’ve taken him later, people would’ve understood that.”

Michael Penix Could Be the Patrick Mahomes to Kirk Cousins

Michael Penix was far from the 20th pick by a team that already has a starting quarterback on its roster. The Falcons signed four-time Pro Bowler Kirk Cousins in free agency and made him the eighth-highest-paid at his position, per Over The Cap. For this, the selection not only left Sherman perplexed, but most of the NFL world and its fans.

“You do sit a quarterback. The Chiefs sat Patrick Mahomes behind Alex Smith as a top-10 pick, but that was a very unique situation,” said Richard Sherman. “Usually, a pick that’s gonna sit behind is picked 20 or later.”

“Paying a guy $100 million guaranteed in Kirk Cousins and then bringing a guy in that’s a top-eight pick, to definitely sit behind [Cousins] is a head-scratcher on a roster that has a new head coach, a defensive-minded head coach,” he said. “I would’ve thought you went corner or pass-rusher. There’s a lot of things Atlanta could’ve done instead of picking a quarterback that you don’t necessarily need. Sure, you’re keeping him away from other teams, you’re keeping him away from Minnesota, you’re keeping him away from the Saints… but you didn’t need him.”

Richard Sherman Reacts to Seahawks Top Draft Picks

Overall, reviews of the Seattle Seahawks’ 2024 draft class are mixed. While some experts lauded their selections, others panned them.

As for Richard Sherman, he’s a tad biased toward his former team but generally likes what he sees — starting with No. 16 overall, defensive tackle Byron Murphy II.

“I think it’s a great value pick,” Sherman shared on his podcast, aptly-titled The Richard Sherman Podcast. “I think he could have been a top 10 pick — if he would have went to Chicago, if he would have went to Atlanta, nobody would have batted an eyelash at it. They would have said that’s quality pick. The only thing I question is they’ve spent so much on the defensive line over the last couple years, so that’s an embarrassment of riches.”

With new defensive-minded head coach Mike McDonald, who came over from the Baltimore Ravens on January 31, 2024, Sherman expects Murphy’s role to mimic that of McDonald’s former star defender.

“[McDonald] had Justin Madubuike last year who had a phenomenal season with 13 sacks. He’s expecting this kid to come in and play that role for him, but you still got guys like Leonard Williams [who’s] gonna come in and make an impact.”

As for the veterans, the Seahawks haven’t been stingy with contracts. They’re just waiting for their return on investment.

“They’ve spent a lot of money Draymond Jones — they gave a big contract, I think, $17 million a year, too. So, you’re spending a lot of money on this D-line. Then you got young guys, Boye Mafe, you got young guys that have gotten to the quarterback pretty consistently. I’m just hoping it all pays off because that’s where they’ve invested a lot and that’s where you win this league. You get a lot of pressure on the quarterback, you stop the run, you win a lot of ball games.”

Sherman believes Seattle’s third-rounder, guard Christian Haynes, has the potential to be a starter from the jump.

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