Contender Backs UFC’s Jon Anik After Colby Covington’s Nasty Threat

Colby Covington & Jon Anik

Getty Colby Covington & Jon Anik

Top-ranked UFC welterweight Colby Covington threatened Jon Anik in a recent interview and Belal Muhammad has the latter’s back.

UFC president Dana White announced this past weekend that Covington will fight Leon Edwards next for the welterweight title. Muhammad is one of many to contest the promotion granting “Chaos” a title shot as he’s 1-1 in his last two fights, is 0-2 in championship matches and hasn’t competed in over a year.

Muhammad has been vocal on social media and through interviews claiming that Covington was offered a fight with him, as well as the chance to coach “The Ultimate Fighter” opposite each other. “Remember the Name” has repeatedly called Covington a “coward,” saying that Chaos declined all offers.

Well, while speaking with MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck about the title shot, Covington took the chance to unleash on Muhammad, as well as Anik. Covington called his fellow top-five 170-pound fighter a “racist” while threatening Anik for showing Muhammad support.

“Jon Anik, I don’t want your kids to grow up without a dad,” Covington said. “Just realize you live in [Boca Raton]. I live in Miami, motherf*****. You’re not too far from me, so you better shut your f****** mouth. You poke the bear, now you get the bear comes after you.”

Muhammad Defends ‘Nicest Guy in the World’ Anik, Will Be in Miami for UFC 287

Muhammad spoke with MMA Fighting after Covington’s tirade. The No. 4-ranked contender once again accused Covington of ducking him prior to March 18’s UFC 286 which saw Edwards defend the welterweight strap against Kamaru Usman.

He also backed Anik and said that he’ll be in Miami for UFC 287, which is scheduled for April 8. So, if Covington attends the event and “looks at Jon in a certain way of disrespect,” Muhammad said he’ll “slap him right in his mouth.”

“You’re coming at a guy like Jon Anik, who is the nicest guy in the world, and why? Because Jon Anik gave me an interview?” Muhammad said. “You’re calling him a racist. You’re calling him this and you’re threatening a guy like Jon Anik? I told Jon, I texted Jon and I said I can’t wait to come to Miami in two weeks because I’m cornering my teammate Ignacio Bahamondes, and I wish I see Colby there. I wish that he even looks at Jon in a certain way of disrespect. I swear I’m going to walk right up to him and slap him right in his mouth.

“Because when you’re coming at guys like that, when you just got beat up outside the cage and you’re like, ‘Call the cops!’ — you’re crying and now you’re threatening a commentator, and you’re acting all this tough talk right now to a guy like Jon Anik? It just pisses me off.”

‘It’s on Sight,’ Muhammad Said to Covington

Muhammad will keep his eyes peeled for the self-proclaimed “King of Miami” while in Florida. And if he does see Chaos, “Remember the Name” hinted that things could get physical.

“If I do see you in Miami, it’s on sight,” Muhammad said. “You’re the king of Miami, you’re this, you’re that, so meet me in Miami. I’ll be down there. Back up all this talking. Back up all these words. I’m not one of these guys you say something to and it’s only for the internet, it’s just business. No. You want to say something, you want to disrespect me, say it to my face.

“Let’s see how tough you are when I come to your city. Let’s see how tough you are when I’m actually in front of you. Let’s see how tough you are when I’m in your face.”

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