Colby Covington Picked to Lose Celebrity Boxing Match

UFC star Colby Covington

Getty Colby Covington was picked to lose a potential celebrity boing match against an NBA superstar.

NBA star LeBron James was bounced early from the playoffs this year along with the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers, but the 36-year-old basketball legend at least has one thing going for him at the moment. James was picked by Official Celebrity Boxing’s founder and CEO Damon Feldman to be the winner of his potential celebrity boxing match against controversial UFC star Colby Covington.

“Boxing? Yes, no matter what, Lebron would beat [Covington]. I think LeBron would beat him,” Feldman told Heavy.

James and Covington have gone back and forth at each other over the last year, and Feldman believes a celebrity boxing match between the two stars would make a ton of sense.

Yes, the beef is real between James and Covington, and it’s sparked a ton of debate in the fight community over the past few months about who would win in a fight.

James is bigger, faster, and stronger.

But Covington is one of the most skilled MMA fighters on the planet.

You can watch a YouTuber’s opinion about the potential fight in the video below and see how much taller and heavier James would be on fight night.

Lebron James Vs Colby Covington: Who Would Win In A Fight?*Warning: This video contains profanity, some disturbing images, and sensitive topics. I don't endorse or give a damn about Covington's, Woodley's, or Lebron's political views. I'm simply discussing it at times. I don't know these guys personally and couldn't care less. Colby Covington fought Tyron Woodley last week and it was quite political and entertaining.…2020-09-29T18:46:19Z

But who would win? Both stars think they have the answer.

After Covington dedicated his last win inside the Octagon to “spineless cowards” like James, the UFC star later added that James wouldn’t “last 10 seconds with me” in a fight.

James disagreed with the UFC star’s analysis.

He fired back at Covington through the media about the potential megafight. He said per BolaVIP, “Anybody can talk from outside but if they got into the ring or got into the arena, probably 10 times out of 10, they’d s*** their pants.”

The fight hasn’t been made yet, but Feldman wants to promote it.

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Feldman Would Pick ‘Chaos’ in MMA Fight

Feldman said he would pick Covington to beat James in an MMA fight.

“In MMA, obviously, LeBron would have no chance,” Feldman said.

Covington is one of the top UFC fighters in the world today. He’s a former interim UFC welterweight champion, and he’s ranked the No. 1 contender in the UFC’s stacked 170-pound division.

Top Finishes: Colby CovingtonWatch former UFC welterweight interim champion Colby Covington's top knockouts and submissions so far in his UFC career. Subscribe to get all the latest UFC content: Experience UFC live with UFC FIGHT PASS, the digital subscription service of the UFC. Visit To order UFC Pay-Per-Views on ESPN+, visit (U.S. only) To order…2020-09-15T18:12:37Z

So that prediction makes a ton of sense. After all, it would be just as wise to back James over Covington in a basketball game for the same reason.

It’s his job.

While Feldman hasn’t sorted out celebrity MMA fights just yet, he does have plans to get them going soon.

But James vs. Covington? That grudge match would make the most sense inside a boxing ring.

“It would be an interesting matchup. I’ll tell you that,” Feldman said.

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Feldman Is Pioneer of Celebrity Boxing

Feldman is the pioneer of modern-day celebrity boxing events.

He’s promoted celebrity boxing matches featuring the likes of Tonya Harding, Jose Canseco, and many other stars, so don’t put it past him to get the job done.

Feldman’s next event is scheduled for Friday, June 11 when another former Laker, Lamar Odom, takes on celebrity pop star Aaron Carter.

Official Celebrity Boxing: Odom vs. Carter will be shown live on pay-per-view on Friday, June 11 starting at 9:00 p.m. ET via the FITE.TV website and app in the United States, Canada, and select markets worldwide.

The suggested retail price of the PPV card is $29.99.

The special referee for the main event bout is former UFC champion Chuck Liddell, and the undercard is packed with other celebrity boxing matches, too.

Feldman Explains Why You Should Watch Official Celebrity Boxing

Feldman said anyone interested in combats sports and looking to see something new and different would be wise to check out the upcoming pay-per-view card.

“Because you’re going to see something different. You’re going to see a new pop culture hit, and it’s going to be amazing,” Feldman said.

Feldman doesn’t have James vs. Covington lined up just yet, but he’s aware of their ongoing beef and would love to get them inside a boxing ring to settle the score.

“Don’t be shocked [if it happens],” Feldman said.

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