Dana White Offered Celebrity Boxing Match

Dana White

Getty UFC President Dana White was offered a celebrity boxing match.

UFC president Dana White has ongoing rivalries that probably need to be settled soon, and at least one notable boxing promoter is hoping to help the UFC boss do exactly that. Damon Feldman is the founder and CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing. He’s the pioneer of the suddenly quite fantastic world of modern-day celebrity boxing entertainment, and he’s already promoted celebrity boxing matches featuring the likes of Tonya Harding, Jose Canseco, and many others.

“Dana White, you’re welcome to do a celebrity boxing match,” Feldman said.

Feldman’s next Official Celebrity Boxing pay-per-view card is set for June 11 when ex-NBA star Lamar Odom meets pop star Aaron Carter.

But Feldman has already started to think about what comes after that, so during his exclusive interview with Heavy, Feldman decided to send an official invitation to the UFC boss.

Feldman wants White to climb inside the ropes to face either Jake Paul or Oscar De La Hoya in a future Official Celebrity Boxing match.

“Our platforms are open for you. Let’s step up, bro,” Feldman said.

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White vs. Paul: ‘White Would Win’

“Maybe I could put him in with Jake Paul,” Feldman said.

Despite the vast difference in age and recent activity level in the sport, Feldman believes White would still be able to outbox the 3-0 YouTuber, Paul, at least under celebrity boxing rules that typically include the fighters wearing headgear and larger gloves as well as competing in one-minute rounds.

“White would beat [Jake Paul]. Yeah, if White was going to fight him in a boxing match, I think White has too much experience. You know, White had boxing experience when he was younger. Jake Paul has boxing experience the last couple of years. He is talented, but…he’s not there yet,” Feldman said.

Feldman believes the 51-year-old White would be too strong for the 24-year-old Paul.

“In celebrity boxing, White would win. He’s too big, and he’d be a little too strong for him,” Feldman said.

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White vs. De La Hoya: ‘Dana Will Beat Him’

Feldman also believes White would be able to defeat De La Hoya, at least right now and under celebrity boxing rules.

De La Hoya is a former Olympic gold medalist, and the 48-year-old legend won world titles across four different weight classes as a professional. But Feldman still gives White the nod, who by most accounts was a solid amateur boxer but never turned professional.

“Well, I think Dana would beat Oscar De La Hoya. The reason is…White has some skills. De La Hoya, and if they did it in a celebrity match, and that’s what I’m saying, celebrity boxing and not pro boxing, if Dana White fights Oscar De La Hoya in celebrity boxing, Dana will beat him. It’s the rules and the gloves. Dana would win, I think, especially now,” Feldman said.

Feldman said White would basically just use his size to walk De La Hoya down.

“White would win just on his pressure I think,” Feldman said.

Official Celebrity Boxing: Odom vs. Carter on June 11

White competing in a boxing match against one or more of his major rivals is fun to think about, but what might even be more fun are celebrity boxing matches that are actually about to happen.

Official Celebrity Boxing: Odom vs. Carter will be shown live on pay-per-view on Friday, June 11 starting at 9:00 p.m. ET via the FITE.TV website and app in the United States, Canada, and select markets worldwide.

The suggested retail price of the PPV card is $29.99, and the undercard is packed with celebrities from all over.

The special referee for the main event bout is former UFC champ Chuck Liddell.

Feldman said the celebrity boxing matches he’s put together in the past have come about in a variety of ways.

Sometimes he’s contacted the celebrities himself via social media. Other times, the celebrity or that person’s team has contacted him or his company with their own ideas.

So Feldman never quite knows how the fights will come together. He only knows that they do.

Feldman said he hasn’t met with White or even pitched the idea to him just yet, but that maybe Heavy could help make it happen.

“Maybe this interview will get White hooked up with this,” Feldman said.

Maybe it will, but before White has the chance to even think about climbing inside a ring for Official Celebrity Boxing, former NBA Lakers star Odom will try to dunk with his fists on musical star Carter inside a boxing ring on June 11.

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