Angry Mob Reacts: ‘Dana White Needs to Pay’ [LOOK]

UFC President Dana White


UFC president Dana White helped build MMA from a sideshow almost no one cared about to one of the most popular sports in the world, but the UFC continues to share revenue with fighters at a pace far below other major sports and its players. After a UFC star won her co-main event battle on Saturday on the latest UFC Fight Night card in Las Vegas, she detailed how “broke” she was and said it was because “because of this sport.” So women’s strawweight contender Cheyanne Buys opened up the floodgates again from fans and media on social media in regards to criticizing White about the issue, and Heavy collected the most popular takes for you to see below.

The “Friendly Sparring Podcast” account posted, “Cheyenne Buys saying her win bonus is basically going to towards [pulling] her out of financial ruin is so disheartening. @danawhite needs to pay these fighters better.”

Another fan implied White enjoyed watching his fighters beg for bonuses. He said, “Dana White watching his fighters have to beg for money after every single fight…”. A GIF of White making a hand gesture and smiling was included with the post.

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More Social Media Reactions About Fighter Pay

Bloody Elbow’s Zane Simon took umbrage with one of the UFC’s social media posts about the card turning out to be an action-packed night and worthy of watching on Saturday night.

He posted, “Y’all didn’t spend money like it was a good card.”

Then, he mocked, “‘This is top quality entertainment,’ the UFC says while spending less on a co-main event fighter than Dana White tips a blackjack dealer.”

While the majority of the social media posts seemed to support the idea that UFC fighters should probably be getting paid more than they currently do right now, some posters still blasted back at the small minority of fans who had different opinions.

A fan posted, “People jump on Twitter and defend Dana White like there [are] free tickets on the line.”

Still, the majority of the top tweets were all pro-fighter pay and seemingly anti-White.

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Fans Shared Memes About White and UFC Pay

There were plenty of memes shared about White and the fighter pay issue over the weekend.

One fan compared White to former President Donald Trump.

Another one shared a meme of an angry man grabbing another man’s throat, and it was “Dana White after he catches his fighters telling the press they’re struggling to live on their [UFC] salaries.”

These were only the most popular memes.

Revenue Shares Anger Some Fans and Media

The stated reason for all the vitriol from select fans and media was over fighter pay.

Buys emotionally shared her recent journey in MMA and all the financial hardships she’s had to endure to chase her dream of being a UFC fighter.

Some people in the media, such as Joe Pompliano, used that as the opportunity to share how the UFC compares to other top sports as far as sharing its revenues goes.

Per Pompliano, the UFC only shares 16% of its total revenue with fighters. Meanwhile, the NFL shares 48%, and the NBA, NHL, and MLB are all 50% and above.

So the idea shared by Pompliano and others is that UFC fighters should be getting paid more.

Without that happening, it seems that any fighter sharing anything about how hard it is to chase a dream like becoming a UFC star is something that will kick off another round of angry criticism about White.

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