Floyd Mayweather Attacks Jake Paul in Wild Brawl [WATCH]

Floyd Mayweather


Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. appeared in Miami on Thursday to help promote his upcoming pay-per-view boxing match against Logan Paul, but it was his opponent’s younger brother Jake Paul who got under Mayweather’s skin enough for the boxer to brawl and threaten him with death. Mayweather became so irate with the YouTuber that he chased Jake Paul down in a wild brawl and repeatedly threatened to kill him after the YouTuber snatched Mayweather’s hat off the top of his head.

It started when Jake Paul asked Mayweather if he wanted to set up a fight against him, too. Mayweather agreed, but then Paul yelled, “got your hat” and ran off with it as if he were playing some kind of game.

Mayweather immediately rushed toward him yelling, “Don’t disrespect me!” He grabbed Paul and the two scuffled. Mayweather said, “I’ll kill you, motherf*****!”

The stars eventually had to be separated by security after mayhem ensued involving Mayweather and both Paul brothers.

You can watch the best view of the altercation below.

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More Angles of Brawl and Picture of Jake Paul’s Black Eye

Showtime posted the following clip almost as soon as it happened.

Here’s a different angle of the same mad scene. In this video, Mayweather puts Jake Paul in a headlock.

In another clip, Mayweather can be seen repeatedly threatening to kill Jake Paul. He says, “I’ll kill you, motherf*****. Are you crazy? I’m gonna f*** you up!”

Paul was later seen sporting a black eye, given to him either by Mayweather or one of the boxing star’s many security guards.

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He also claimed to be hearing that his life was now in danger. He posted, “word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me…if I die……. I died for the hat”.

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Logan Paul: ‘What the F*** Did He Just Do?’

Even Logan Paul, Jake Paul’s older brother, seemed a little shaken by the actions of his sibling.

Logan Paul can be seen in the aftermath of the brawl with a confused look on his face. He seems to be wondering what just happened at the press event for his big fight against Mayweather.

He said, “What the f*** did he just do?”

Mayweather is supposed to be facing Logan Paul on June 6 in a special exhibition Showtime pay-per-view boxing bout. But Jake Paul is the one who stole the show on Thursday at the first press event for the megafight.

Strangely, in an interview after the melee was over, Logan Paul seems to put the burden of the incident squarely on Mayweather’s shoulder for “trying to kill his brother”.

Jake Paul Explains Apparently Premeditated Actions

Grabbing Mayweather’s hat appears to have been premeditated by Jake Paul.

The YouTuber posted a video of himself saying, “I’m about to steal Floyd Mayweather’s hat. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

In a later post on social media, Paul claimed to have stolen Mayweather’s hat “because he steals peoples money with boring fights”.

In his typical fashion, Jake Paul was also ready to capitalize on the moment almost immediately. The YouTuber was ready to drop an exclusive line of hats to sell that said “gotcha hat” on them within the hour.

Paul is 3-0 in boxing with 3 KOs. He already seemed to be on Mayweather’s radar for future fights, but now he’s certain to be in line for a real fight vs. the boxing champ just as soon as the 44-year-old is done dispatching Logan Paul on June 6.

Logan Paul is 0-1 as a pro boxer, and he’s not considered a real threat to the 50-0 Mayweather.

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