Jon Jones Erupts at Rival: ‘Take My D*** Out Of Your Mouth’

UFC Star Jon Jones

Getty UFC superstar Jon Jones is one of the most decorated MMA fighters in history.

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones had some choice words for his longtime rival Chael Sonnen on Tuesday, May 25.

Sonnen, who competed for UFC gold three times in his professional MMA career, and Jones coached season 17 of “The Ultimate Fighter” against each other. Then, they fought for “Bones'” 205-pound belt in April 2013 after the season concluded and Jones won by first-round TKO.

Although the two were mostly cordial during the taping of “The Ultimate Fighter,” the bad blood between the two has grown over the years to the point where now they occasionally slam the other via social media. Sonnen also takes shots at Jones frequently during his YouTube show.

Chael Sonnen & Jon Jones

GettyChael Sonnen & Jon Jones

Their most recent battle started on Tuesday when “The American Gangster” decided to take a dig at Jones on Twitter.

After Jones tweeted: “I’m about to give birth to something big, something out of the ordinary,” Sonnen commented: “Jon Jones is giving birth…to what?”

Sonnen also shared an edited picture of Jones giving birth:

Then, Jones went on a tirade aimed at The American Gangster.

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Jones Ripped Into Sonnen

Jones started his rant at Sonnen with an expletive tweet.

Jon Jones & Chael Sonnen

TwitterJon Jones & Chael Sonnen exchange.

“I’ll tell you to go f*** yourself or to take my d*** out of your mouth and you’ll actually go home and celebrate getting my attention that day,” Bones said in a now-deleted tweet. “Seriously man, look at the position we are in.”

Jones continued, “I honestly couldn’t imagine hating someone so much. Making YouTube videos about another man who already kicked your a** just to make a dollar. You’re so beneath pathetic.”

The former light heavyweight champion continued, “Oregon boy probably grew up with all the opportunities in the world yet somehow you let me kick your a** and have everything you dreamed of. I understand why you hate me.”

Jon Jones & Chael Sonnen

TwitterJon Jones & Chael Sonnen’s Twitter exchange.

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Sonnen Responded to Jones, Claimed He ‘Beat’ Bones by Tearing Off Toe

Sonnen then responded to Jones. He wrote, “You’ve got some grammar problems there, (former) Champ Spend a little less $ on Tequila and a little more on an editor.”

The American Gangster continued, pointing to the fact that Jones got his toe mangled in their fight and claiming that he “beat” Bones. “I beat you,” Sonne wrote. “I tore your toe off FACE IT,”

Sonnen then poked at Jones about his heavyweight negotiations with UFC president Dana White. White and Bones have been unable to reach a suitable price for Jones’ heavyweight debut. Sonnen also challenged Jones to compete in The American Gangster’s jiu-jitsu promotion, Submission Underground.

“You tried to play Chess against Dana White when you can’t win at Checkers against Betty White,” Sonnen wrote. “You’re alone, bitter, & bored Come grapple on SUG again. I gotchoo $5K”

The American Gangster continued, “Jon… Got your SUG contract here. FedExing to you at the intersection of Irrelevant Ave and Obscurity St, Nowheresville, USA.”

Bones then responded to Sonnen’s claim of beating Jones. Jones wrote, “I didn’t knock you out, I didn’t submit you, you just quit. Like the little b**** that you are. Live with it. Doing podcast and making Memes about me will never change that reality my friend. I hope you find peace.”

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