Michael Bisping Rips ‘F*** Face’ During ESPN Telecast

Michael Bisping


Retired UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was calling the action over the weekend on ESPN+, but don’t think for one moment that the 42-year-old was incapable of keeping his eye on social media for bogus posts. Bisping served as the color commentator for UFC Vegas 20 on Saturday, but he also kept his gaze on social media so that he could correct fight fans about important facts in the most brutal way possible.

An MMA fan posted, “5 years ago today Anderson Silva knocked out Michael Bisping to earn his first win since defeating Stephan Bonnar at UFC 153.” The post included a short video clip of Anderson delivering a massive knee to Bisping’s face.

There was only one problem, of course. Bisping actually won that fight via unanimous decision. It wasn’t a knockout for Anderson. Sure, Bisping was knocked down by that flying knee at the end of the first round, but he made it to the end of the fight and won it.

Don’t worry, though, because “The Count” was quick to point that out.

Bisping posted, “Did not knock me out dips***. Knocked me down at the end of the round. Please dummy, how was I talking to herb dean if I was unconscious. Epic fail f*** face.”

You can see the entire interaction below.

Bisping is one of the most popular stars in UFC history. Most fans would also agree he’s one of the sport’s best color commentators.

But Bisping also proved without a doubt that he’s always on top of his social media game.

No matter what someone is posting about, whether they tag him in the tweet or not, Bisping is always ready to pounce on them.

It doesn’t matter if the slight was intentional or unintentional either.

Heck, it doesn’t even matter if the ex-UFC champ is busy working for ESPN at the moment.

All that matters is that Bisping is always watching.

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