Wrong Move by Conor McGregor: ‘Not Good for Him’ [WATCH]

UFC Star Conor McGregor

Getty Conor McGregor isn't interested in fight Jake Paul right now, but that could change someday soon.

Joe Rogan asked Dustin Poirier what it was like to fight Conor McGregor when the UFC superstar wasn’t being “an a******”, and both Rogan and Poirier ended up agreeing on the idea that McGregor made the wrong move by not talking more trash before UFC 257.

“Was it weird?” Rogan asked Poirier.

Poirier replied, “Dude, you know fighting is hectic already…so it being a little more calm for me was smooth sailing, man. You know? It’s already hectic enough.”

Poirier said he felt the same way about fans not being in attendance at most UFC fights last year during the global pandemic. Basically, it was just one less thing for him to deal with.

And on McGregor, both men agreed.

“Not good for him. It’s really better for him to be an a******,” Rogan said of McGregor.

“Yeah, be an a******,” Poirier agreed.

You can watch their conversation below.

Why Was McGregor Different?

But why was McGregor so tame?

Poirier suggested that maybe McGregor had just matured as a person since his early years in the sport, and the 32-year-old also posited that perhaps McGregor being a parent these days had the Irishman thinking more about how he acted in the public eye.

Rogan didn’t disagree with that analysis, but he suggested that maybe McGregor’s change also goes all the way back to his tumultuous time before, during, and after UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor back in 2018.

“Realizing what had happened by the end of it? Dudes jumped in the cage and beat his a**. Khabib jumped out of the cage, got in a fight with Dillon Danis. It’s chaos. I mean, it was so nuts,” Rogan said.

But Rogan also recognized that McGregor’s antics, the same that got him in so much trouble at times, are also part of the tapestry that has helped him sell fights.

Specifically, Rogan mentioned McGregor “torturing” Jose Aldo before UFC 194 back in 2015.

“Remember they did that crazy press conference when they toured all over the world?” Rogan said.

Moreover, both Rogan and Poirier agreed that McGregor had gotten into Aldo’s head with the trash talk, and that it was part of the reason McGregor was able to stop Aldo in the first round.

How McGregor Got Into Poirier’s Head

Of course, McGregor did the same thing to Poirier back in 2014, and the American explained how he felt before his first fight vs. McGregor.

Poirier admitted he felt like a “deer in the headlights” before the first fight, and that it was mostly due to McGregor’s trash talk.

“I just read into it too much. I thought too much,” Poirier said.

But Poirier didn’t have any of that to worry about the second time around. McGregor stopped Poirier in one round in 2014, but “The Diamond” returned the favor in two rounds at UFC 257.

In the end, Poirier said McGregor’s top-shelf trash talk game is part of the “art of war” because fighting is just as much mental as it is physical.

So Poirier and Rogan both seem to believe McGregor made a huge mistake by keeping things cordial in the rematch.

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