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How to Watch Marvel’s ‘Hero Project’ Online Free

Getty Sarah Amos, Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker of "Marvel’s Hero Project."

Marvel’s Hero Project is a documentary web series that focuses on the lives of real life heroes who help their community. Each episode will focus on a young person who has dedicated their lives to acts of kindness, and each person will have their own Marvel comic book. The series premiere is now available on Disney+, with future episodes being released weekly.

You can watch Hero Project episodes on Disney Plus with any internet browser on your computer, smartphone, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox One, PS4, or other streaming devices via the app.

Stream It Now

Stream ‘Hero Project’ On PC/Mac

  1. 1. Sign up for Disney+ here
  2. 2. In your browser of choice (we recommend Microsoft Edge if you’re looking for 4K, Google Chrome otherwise), navigate to Disneyplus.com
  3. 3. Enter your login credentials
  4. 4. Click Login
  5. 5. Browse or search for ‘Hero Project’
  6. 6. Select ‘Hero Project’
  7. 7. Select Play

Stream ‘Hero Project’ On Roku Devices

  1. 1. Boot up your Roku Device
  2. 2. Navigate to your Roku Home Screen
  3. 3. Scroll down and select Streaming Channels on the left side of the screen
  4. 4. Select Search Channels in the menu on the left side of the screen
  5. 5. Enter ‘Disney Plus’
  6. 6. Select Disney Plus
  7. 7. Select Add Channel at the top of your screen
  8. 8. Browse the Channel

Stream ‘Hero Project’ On Fire TV

  1. 1. From the Main Screen, select Search.
  2. 2. Type ‘Disney Plus’ into the search box
  3. 3. Select Disney Plus
  4. 4. Select Download/Free
  5. 5. After the Disney Plus app downloads, select the Open button
  6. 6. Sign In
  7. 7. Enter your Disney Plus account information (email address and password)
  8. 8. Browse to ‘Hero Project’
  9. 9. Select Play

Stream ‘Hero Project’ On Xbox One

  1. 1. Turn on Your Xbox One
  2. 2. Sign in to your Xbox Live Profile
  3. 3. From your Xbox Home Screen, hit the Y Button to bring up Search
  4. 4. Type in ‘Disney Plus’
  5. 5. Hit the A Button to go to Disney Plus on the Microsoft Store
  6. 6. A buzz video/trailer will start auto-playing. Ignore it and hit down on your left thumbstick
  7. 7. Select GET and push the A Button (Disney Plus will begin downloading)
  8. 8. When the download is done, you’ll get an Xbox notification at the bottom of your screen. When that happens, hold the middle Xbox button on your controller to open the app.
  9. 9. Sign in to Disney Plus using your credentials
  10. 10. Browse to ‘Hero Project’
  11. 11. Select Play

Stream ‘Hero Project’ On PS4

  1. 1. Turn on Your PS4
  2. 2. Go to the PlayStation Store
  3. 3. Select Search
  4. 4. Search for ‘Disney Plus’
  5. 5. Select Disney Plus
  6. 6. Click Download underneath the picture on the lefthand side of your screen
  7. 7. Navigate to TV & Video icon and select the Disney Plus app
  8. 8. Sign in to Disney Plus using your credentials
  9. 9. Browse to ‘Hero Project’
  10. 10. Select Play

Stream It Now

Marvel’s ‘Hero Project’ Preview

Marvel provides a synopsis for the web series on their official website. “In life, it doesn’t take wearing a suit of iron, carrying a mythical hammer or swinging from spider webs to be a real hero,” the synopsis reads. “Sometimes the person who can make a positive difference in the world is the person who simply sees a problem and has the passion to find a creative solution. The first of its kind for Marvel Entertainment, the 20-episode series shares the remarkable, positive change several young heroes are making in their own communities across the country.”

The series will tackle an array of different topics. In one episode, a girl named Hailey helps loved ones with Alzheimer’s make connections through puzzles. In another, a young boy who grows an urban garden to feed the hungry despite his own family’s financial hardships. “Anyone can watch this show and feel like they can go out and do something. It helps families talk about difficult issues,” said series producer Sarah Amos.

Amos also talked to Real Screen about the Marvel format, and how a real-life series marks new territory for the studio. “Non-fiction content is definitely a newer space for Marvel fans, and it’s something that they haven’t seen as much from us in the past, and we are just really excited and honored that this is our first outing in this space,” she explained.

“The stars of these episodes are not Marvel, they are the Jahkils, the Adonises, the Elijahs, the Rebekahs, the Haileys of the world,” Amos continued. “It is all of these amazing young people who have taken an opportunity to see a problem or an issue that they want to tackle and they want to help solve without thinking about themselves, without thinking about how difficult it might be… Every Spider-Man story is just as much a Peter Parker story as it is a story about Spider-Man, and so what we wanted to do with this show is really make sure that we were honoring these kids first and foremost.”

Amos said that the most rewarding aspect of the series is interacting with the kids, and rewarding them with their own comic book. “We have 20 amazing kids, and their stories are incredible, and it was the first time that we had really tackled doing something like this,” she remarked. “How we wanted to talk about the comic book creation, even how the reveals would take place, and the delivery mechanism for giving the kids the comic books, all of that had to be figured out, because it had never been done before. These kids were really quite shocked, and they and their families were quite moved by what is a really special moment of getting to see yourself on a comic book.”