Motorola’s Moto X for Verizon Wireless Arrives August 29

Continuing the slow rollout, Moto X is hitting store shelves for Verizon this Thursday August 29.

Motorola’s smartphone was sent out for AT&T last week, allowing Verizon its turn to sell the newest batch. Sprint and T-Mobile have yet to announce when they will distribute the Moto X, but it’s highly likely they won’t receive it.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt couldn’t keep this phone a secret before its official release. (Getty)

Despite this, AT&T is still the only partner company that was able to acquire the rights to customization for the Moto X. This enabled customers to adjust colors, but Verizon customers will only be able to purchase the phone in black or white.

The Moto X Maker program gives AT&T a strong lead in selling these phones, but Apple, Samsung and other rivals should be getting nervous. Verizon is expected to match AT&T’s price point of $199.99 on contract. The current cost of the iPhone 5 is $549.99, which clearly makes Verizon’s Moto X a much cheaper alternative.

With two new iPhones set to premiere September 10, Motorola may only have a slight advantage in the smartphone market for a limited time.