iPhone 6 Price & Release Date: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A new analyst’s report has released some surprising figures about the price of the iPhone 6. Here’s everything you need to know about the expected price and release date of this latest iPhone model.

1. iPhone 6 Price Estimate: $299 With Contract

Business Insider reports that the iPhone 6 is likely to cost $299 with a two-year contract.

This is $100 above what Apple currently charges for the iPhone 5S.

This price prediction for the iPhone 6 was made by Andy Hargreaves at Pacific Crest Securities.

2. iPhone 6 Price Rumor Without Contract: $929

For those looking to buy an iPhone 6 without a contract, the price may be $929. According to the iPhone 6 Updates blog, this price estimate is based on an iPhone 6 with 128GB of storage.

They write:

“iPhone 6 could cost around $549 & $929 ($549 + $380 extra as the case is with latest iPhone 5 T-Mobile contract free offer) with contract & contract free respectively.”

Official pricing announcements from Apple are expected to be made just prior to the iPhone 6 launch. All pricing estimates made prior to Apple’s announcement are just the best possible guesses. Until then, it’s likely there will be many conflicting estimates.

3. iPhone 6 Will Be Released This Fall

While some tech insiders initially predicted a late spring or early summer launch for the iPhone 6, most analysts now expect that the iPhone 6 will be launched this fall. Business Insider, citing Hargreaves again, also supports the theory that Apple will debut the new iPhone 6 this fall.

4. iPhone 6 Price Hike OK With Affluent Phone Buyers

According to Hargreaves, people who buy Apple phones tend to be affluent. Therefore, if there is a price hike of $100 for the iPhone 6, it will not matter much to Apple customers who are eager to upgrade their phones.

Hargreaves cites the low sales of the iPhone 5C as evidence that Apple customers don’t mind paying a premium for quality.

5. iPhone 6 Expected to Drive 68% of Apple Profits

Business Insider has published an interesting pie chart that breaks down which segments of Apple’s business will bring in the most revenue for 2014. The chart, prepared by Pacific Crest, shows that Apple will make 68% of their profits from iPhone sales.

The article adds that consumers looking to replace their existing iPhone with a newer iPhone model will drive 70% of iPhone sales this year, and 80% of the iPhone sales in 2015.

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